Saturday, May 12, 2007

Big Brother / Amazing Race / Survivor

Major Game-Changing Big Brother Spoiler

BIG BROTHER SPOILER: The Second Set of Nominated Couples Are...

BIG BROTHER SPOILER: The First Evicted Couple and the Second HOH Couple Are...

First Impressions of the Houseguests: Sheila is SO Not My Type

Myspace Photos Reveal Two Big Brother Houseguests Know Each Other From Home

Survivor Conspiracy Theory: Did Jeff Probst Engineer Jonny Fairplay's Exit?

Big Brother 9's Houseguest Revealed: Bios and Photos

SPOILER: Big Brother 9's "Soulmate" Twist

Video of Janelle Introducing the Big Brother 9 Houseguests

Big Brother Spoilers: To Look or Not to Look

Record High 16 Houseguest for Big Brother 9

Big Brother Spoiler: Details About the House

The 'Nice Guys' Finish First on a Satisfying End to The Amazing Race

What Impact Will The 'Donato Effect' Have on Big Brother 9?

Big Brother: After Dark Will Return to Showtime February 12

Shocking or Not-So-Shocking: Non-Elimination Spares TK and Rachel on The Amazing Race

POLL: Which Team Do You Want to Win the Million Dollars on The Amazing Race?

Will Mellow TK and Rachel Take the Prize on The Amazing Race?

CBS' Scheduling of The Amazing Race Stinks!

SPOILER: The Returning All-Stars on Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites Will Be...

Who Will Return for Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites?

Survivor's Todd Gives a Masterful Jury Performance for the Win

Poll: Did Todd Deserve to Win Survivor: China?

Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites: I'm Freaking Out!

The Winner of Survivor Is...

Who Will And Should Win Survivor?

Four Women and a Gay Mormon: Who Will Come in Fifth Place on Survivor?

The Amazing Race Renewed for 13th Season

Contrasts in Teamwork on The Amazing Race, As Azaria and Hendekia Are Eliminated

Survivor's Denise Takes Center Stage

Amazing Race's Ron and Christina -- Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

Go Goths! I've Found My Amazing Race Faves

I Love Survivor's James, and Hate Survivor's Jaimie

Ridiculously Early Predictions for Survivor: China's Final Four

Big Brother's Amber Responds to Anti-Semitic Comments

It's Gotta Be Said: There's No Keeping Big Brother's Dick in a Box

Final Voting Predictions: Who Will the Big Brother Jury Vote For?

Burning Questions About Tonight's Big Brother Finale

The Idol Thoughts Endorsement for Big Brother Winner Goes To...

What's the Deal With CBS' Love Affair With the Donatos?

Daniele Proves Once Again to Be the Master Manipulator

Who Played the Best Game? Ranking the Final 3 and the Jury

Is Big Brother's Dick the Most Hateful Reality Contestant of All Time?

I Need a Cigarette! The Winner of the First Part of the Final HOH Competition Is...

Jameka is Shown the Door and Daniele is Out of the First Part of HOH Competition

Help Me, Am I Really Rooting for Zach?

Will Dick and Daniele Have a Relationship Outside the House?

I'm Not Mad at Big Brother's Jameka For Praying -- I'm Mad at CBS For Showing Us

Big Brother's Zach: Tedious -- Tragic -- Triumphant?

The POV Winner Clarifies Who is Going Home

Who Will the Big Brother Jury Vote For?

Now That We Know the New HOH, Three Burning Questions for Big Brother

A HUGE Missed Opportunity and the Two Evicted Nominees Are...

Four Possible Scenarios for Tonight's Double Eviction

Will Jameka Make a Deal with the Devil?

Who Doesn't Love Big Brother's Janelle?

Is Daniele the Best Player in the House?

My Love for Eric and Jessica Reaches New Heights

Do the Veto Results Mean That Jess and Eric are Doomed this Week?

Janelle is Returning to Big Brother!

The Evicted Big Brother Contestant Is...

Things Aren't Exactly As They Seem in the Big Brother House

Big Brother's Jen Was Vanna White's Nanny!

Eric and Jessica Kiss -- What Does This Mean For Their Game?

Has Big Brother's Daniele Been Dumped?

Jess Wins More of My Love -- And HOH!!

Is Jen a Spoiled Princess, or Was She Pushed to the Edge?

More Fallout From the Jen and Dick Fight -- A Penalty Nomination!

Big Brother Uncensored -- What a Joke!

Will the Backdoor Strike Again on Big Brother?

Is America's Player Going to Win Big Brother?

Is Big Brother's Dustin Going Home Tonight?

How I've Come to Love Big Brother's Jessica

Burning Questions About Big Brother

CBS Releases a Statement About Amber's Anti-Semitic Comments

The Nick Era Has Come to an End on Big Brother

Big Brother's Nick Reveals a New Hair-Don't

Big Brother's Dick for Father of the Year?

There's No Keeping Big Brother's Dick in a Box

Big Brother's Jen is Evil!

Is Big Brother's Jen Smarter Than She Looks?

Carol Gets the Boot and (Gasp!) Jen Wins HOH on Big Brother 8

Big Brother's Nick Reveals He Has a List of Top 5 Guys To Sleep With

Big Brother's Nick Plays, Amber Prays, and Daniele Wins the Veto

What's Up With Big Brother's Nick?

Big Brother Episode 2: Crying Over a Photo

Big Brother Episode 1: Back in the House

Big Brother 8 Returns Tonight

Earl Cole Wins Survivor Fiji

Danielle and Eric Win The Amazing Race: All Stars

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