Monday, May 21, 2007

Dancing with the Stars Finale: Round 1

Dancing with the Stars finale! Woo hoo!

Ok, before we get to the performances, I have to say that I think it's a little lame that past "celebrities" from the show (I'm talking about you Rinna, Hamlin and Springer) come to the show each week seeking some tv face-time, and other "celebrities" (I love ya, but I'm talking about you Lance Bass) think appearing in the audience each week is just as good career-wise as, oh I don't know, actually doing something. Get a job people!

Ok, on to the performances...

Laila and Max - Judge's Choice (Paso Doble)
Laila is definitely in it to win it this week, and her paso doble is fiery and very well-executed. I felt flames -- but I think I was hoping for a forest fire. It had aggression, but I can't say it was an aggression I found particularly sexy. Still, a solid start to the show.

My Grade: 9

Apolo and Julianne - Judge's Choice (Rumba)
"They made love on the dance floor. They could have conceived a baby."
Bruno Tanioli, May 21 2007

That, my friends, might be the quote of the season. And, for all of it's hyperbolic glory, it is actually sort of accurate. Apolo and Julianne are dynamite together-- their chemistry is palpable, and Julianne's choreography is dramatic and fabulous. I can't say I totally disagree with Carrie Ann -- something about it did feel a bit rushed and even, dare I say, sloppy. But still, they are so cute, the two of them, I can hardly stand it.

My Grade: 9

Joey and Kym - Judge's Choice (Cha Cha)
Wow, the judges are really a buzzkill tonight. That was such fun to watch -- clever, funky, and sharp. Ok, maybe it wasn't cha-cha enough (whatever the heck that means), and for all of the cheekiness it actually felt a little stiff to me at parts, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the judges made it to be.

My Grade: 9

Looks like I'm calling the first round a tie.

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