Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What to Expect From Tuesday's Show: Poential Song Choices Revealed

After auditioning in various cities around the country, making it through Hollywood week, three weeks of semifinal auditions, and ten weeks of the Top 12, Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks have made it to the Top 2. So what is in store for them on Tuesday's show?

Details are being leaked as to what the format will be -- one song that they have sung previously in the competition, one new cover song, and then they will each sing the winning song from the songwriting contest.


Rumor has it that Blake will (not surprisingly) reprise "You Give Love a Bad Name," his showstopper from Bon Jovi week, while Jordin will bring back "Broken Wing," which she originally sang during country week.

Blake's new song is apparently Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved' (making it three Maroon 5 songs in two weeks on the show) and Jordin will attempt Christina Aguilera's "Figher" (good luck on that one!) If they turn out to be true they are interesting choices indeed.

As for the new single, American Idol music director Michael Orland calls it "very pretty" and says that "Jordin loves it" in an interview with ew.com. He said he has yet to speak to Blake about it, but that it is "positive and uplifting."

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