Monday, May 21, 2007

Five Reasons Jordin Should Win American Idol -- And Five Reasons She Shouldn't

With this year's two-part American Idol finale set to begin in about 33 hours, it's time to take a serious look at who deserves this year's crown. Many of you have probably already made up your minds as to who deserves your vote on Tuesday evening, but for those of you who haven't (I include myself in this category), I thought I would take a look at five reasons why each of the remaining contestants deserves to win this year's top prize, and five reasons why they don't (in a sort of point/counterpoint form). I have tried to be as objective as possible on both sides -- not an easy task!

First up, Ms. Jordin Sparks...

Reason #1 Jordin Should Win: She has the most thrilling voice in the competition. Melinda may have had the most technically accomplished voice, and LaKisha's soul-filled growl had it's moments of excitement, but nobody in Season 6 has been able to nail a high note like Jordin can. For better of for worse, over the seasons the best way for a contestant to show what they are vocally capable of is to wail a high note, and Jordin has done that time and time again, to absolutely thrilling affect (my favorite high-belting moment from Jordin is easily the "window paaaa-aaa-aaa-ne" line from "I Who Have Nothing." On vocal merit alone, Jordin should win American Idol.

Reason #1 Jordin Should Not Win: No matter how fantastic her higher register is, her low lotes tend to be a little wonky. Even in otherwise stellar performances ("You'll Never Walk Alone," "To Love Somebody") her lower register doesn't sound particularly solid. Shouldn't the winner have an all-around dynamic voice, a la Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood?

Reason #2 Jordin Should Win: She's the most likeable of this year's contestants. Her youth and unending cheeriness make her very easy to root for, and she has been a judges and producers' favorite since the Top 12.

Reason #2 Jordin Should Not Win: She seems to have gotten a bit cocky in the past few weeks, and it's possible she has started to believe in her own hype. She's also had a few moments where the camera has caught her "manufacturing" an emotion. Is the cheeriness authentic, or is it just an act?

Reason #3 Jordin Should Win: In case you haven't heard Randy mention it one of the 8,000 times he has brought it up, she is only 17. With apologies to Diana Degarmo, she is easily the best teenage contestant the show has ever had.

Reason #3 Jordin Should Not Win: As a teenager, does she have the maturity to handle the demands of being the American Idol? Considering all that is demanded of the winner (tour, endless media visits, churning out an album within six months), would it not be wiser to award the title to a more seasoned performer?

Reason #4 Jordin Should Win: It is easy to see the kind of music that she will produce, and because she is young and fresh, she is likely to be very marketable.

Reason #4 Jordin Should Not Win: With very few exceptions, her highlights of the season have been singing old-school ballads, which likely won't work in the current marketplace, and her attempt at more modern hits ("Livin' on a Prayer," "Hey Baby") have not always been very successful. Katharine McPhee, who also specialized in ballads on the show, has had a bit of difficulty transitioning into more modern music -- Jordin might face the same challenge.

Reason #5 Jordin Should Win: She would be proud to wear the title, unlike Blake, who might feel burdened and restricted back by it.

Reason #5 Jordin Should Not Win: Is she too much like the kind person we expect to win this show? Might it not be more exciting to mix things up a little bit and award the win to someone who might breathe new life into the title "winner of American Idol"?

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Anonymous said...

First I'd like to say how much I enjoy your blog, you put a lot of thought into what you write!

1. Jordin's lower register just hasn't fully developed in my opinion. In her studio recordings her voice is silky smooth, and she really pulls off the lower notes there.

2. I don't think she's gotten cocky, maybe a little more confident in her chances. I believe she's a very genuine and sweet person, as supported by many other contestants in interviews.

3. I actually think she has what it takes to make it at such a young age. She's taken the criticism very well, and she proven that she can juggle school and singing.

4. I loved "Gimme One Reason" and that was up-tempo, she just has to find the right songs, which shouldn't be too much of a problem if she wins.

5. I think of her on the path of Kelly Clarkson meets Diana Degarmo. She has grown in the competition like Kelly did, and she's only 17 like Diana. I would love her to win and be the youngest American Idol yet, to be exactly what American Idol is about-finding a new up and coming star- which she is.

*I just wanted to counter your counter for my own fun. Jordin has been my favorite since the top 24, and I surely hope she takes the crown. I do think the American Idol should be able to blow away an audience with their vocal talents, which Blake hasn't done.

Anonymous said...

Jordin is actually an experienced child performer. She was a winner of America's Most Talented Kids in 2004, has probably more experience on the stage than Blake and has even released an album "For Now" with Matthew Ward. She performed with the likes of Alice Cooper and even toured with Michael W Smith.

As the daughter of a former New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys star (which explains her stature), being at the centre of attention is probably second nature to her.

She also won contests for "Plus-sized models" and seems to tp be groomed/manufactured from birth for the big stage. You won't find fear or humility in her type.

That's why she appears so seasoned and comfortable on stage.