Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dancing Shocker -- Cheetah Girl Sabrina Eliminated!

Even though I sorta predicted it in my Rankings and Elimination Prediction yesterday, my jaw still dropped when it was announced that Sabrina Bryan has been eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. What went wrong?

Unfortunately for the sassy Cheetah Girl, what went wrong is that she was just too good. She started the competition too strong, making many of the at-home viewers feel confident that she would be in it until the end, leaving them free to vote for their other favorites. And since Sabrina and her partner Mark's scores were not as impressive Monday night as they have been earlier in the competition, without call-in support, Sabrina fell into the danger zone.

The other problem facing Sabrina is that some viewers thought she had an unfair advantage in the competition, and I can't say I blame them. How is it fair to judge Sabrina, whose job it is to dance, and Jane Seymour, who is not only 30 years her senior but is also not a professional dancer. Essentially, the team of Mark and Sabrina was made up of two professionals, and that rubbed some viewers the wrong way.

True, Mel B. is also a professional dancer, as were Joey Fatone and Drew Lachey in previous seasons. But Mel B (as well as Joey and Drew) had charm by the bucket, while Sabrina never really ingratiated herself to the audience.

It's a bummer, 'cause she was good.

As for the rest of the show, it was a typical drawn out affair, notable only for a few different reasons:

-The absence of Jane Seymour, who came mysteriously down with a case of "food poisoning" on the very same day she had been predicted to be eliminated. Real convenient, Jane.

-The preview of Carrie Ann and Bruno's new show, which looks like a cross between So You Think You Can Dance and, um, every other dance and singing show on TV? I'm already hooked.

-Barry Manilow. Oh Barry. Oh Mandy. Oh Barry.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carrie Underwood's New Album on Track To Sell Big

Hits Daily Double is reporting that Carrie Underwood is on track to have sold upwards of 525K copies of her new CD, Carnival Ride.


Stay tuned for final numbers later in the day...

Who Am I -- I Love Samantha Who!

I am not a sitcom guy. Sure, I was all about Friends, and I loved, for a time, Will & Grace and Scrubs. And yes, I find The Office to be pretty genius. But, generally, a half hour comedy is not really my cup of tea.

But, somehow, I love the new ABC sitcom Samantha Who. Like the title character asks herself on a regular basis -- who am I??

My affection for the show starts with Christina Applegate, who is just about as adorable and charming as possible. I saw the artist formerly known as Kelly Bundy in Sweet Charity on Broadway a few years back, and, even though her singing and dancing was not spectacular, was completely won over by her pluck and stage presence. Here, she's funny, vulnerable, bitchy, sensitive -- everything you could possibly want in a leading lady. I fall a little more in love with her each week.

Then there is the supporting cast, each one more brilliant than the next. I've never been a fan of Jennifer Esposito -- I found her almost unwatchable on last year's short lived Related and totally grating on Rescue Me, but here she is absolutely hysterical. Hys-ter-i-cal.

Melissa McCarthy, who was always delightful as Sookie on Gilmore Girls, is equally as likable here, even if her character is borderline creepy. Her comic timing is so spot-on, she provides an excellent foil to Ms. Applegate. Barry Watson, too, has an understated presence that is totally genuine. He's put to better use here than he ever was on the lame-assed What About Brian?

And Jean Smart. I mean -- Jean Smart, people! After tearing through 24 a couple of seasons ago, it's a hoot to see her back in a full-out comedy, and she milks each joke for every laugh it's got. She's a comic genius.

The premise of the show is getting a bit old -- yes, we get it, she was a bitch, and now she's trying not to be. But with one of the best casts on TV, and one of it's most likable leading ladies, I'm gonna keep watching.

Who am I???

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Dancing with the Stars Top 7: Rankings and Elimination Prediction

After missing last week's Dancing with the Stars due to a Tivo snafu, I was able to catch last night's show, and was mightily impressed. How is it that season after season this show makes me care about "celebrities" I couldn't have given two shits about only weeks earlier? Ah, the magic of reality television.

On to the rankings:

1. Mel B
This rumba was hot hot hot! Sexy, seductive, sensual -- throw any "s" word you want at it, and it sticks.

2. Helio Castroneves
Helio is back! This dance was en fuego, with the racecar driver showing off a smoothness in his moves that has been absent from his last few performances. And how about he and Julianne during the group number? Adorable!

3. Sabrina Bryan
She's become so technically proficient, and shows such professionalism, that it's actually become a bit of a snooze. I won't be shocked if she gets booted earlier than she should, based on the fact that she's lost a bit of the "wow" factor. Still, there's no denying she is a fantastic dancer.

4. Jennie Garth
Go Kelly Taylor! Watching Jennie discover her confidence is perhaps the most heartwarming part of this season's competition, and when she nails a dance like she did this week, it actually feels triumphant. She is definitely the Lisa Rinna of this year's show.

5. Cameron Mathison
This guy definitely gets the most-improved award of the season -- no longer do I get glimpses of Ian Ziering when he dances, and he's actually become kinda sexy. Kinda.

6. Marie Osmond
Were they trying to play off Marie's fainting spell last week by having her sprawled on the ground several times during the routine? If they were, it was a bit disturbing...and kinda amazing!

7. Jane Seymour
I admire Jane's pluck and determination, and for a middle-age woman she certainly can throw her legs up ("I can kick, and stretch!"), but the judges were right on target, the jive just didn't fit the elegant Dr. Quinn. Not a trainwreck, but easily the worst of the night.

So, who's gonna go? My money is on Jane Seymour -- after a Bottom 2 showing last week, and low judges scores this week, the former ballerina may be ronde-ing her way out of the ballroom. I think she may be joined by Cheetah Girl Sabrina in the Bottom 2 this week, which would be a wake-up call for the over-achiever. Guess we'll see...

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Did Jennifer Hudson Dump Her Long-Term Boyfriend?

Now that she's an Oscar winner and is starring in the new Sex and the City flick, did Jennifer Hudson get rid of her long-term boyfriend?

According to the New York Post's Page Six, Hudson was spotted canoodling with New York Jets football player Kerri Rhodes. Hudson had been in a relationship with a guy named James for many years (pre-dating her American Idol stint), but it seems like that couple-dom may be over.

What's the deal, J-Hud?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Concert Review: Kelly Clarkson at The Beacon

As Idol Thoughts reader (and friend) Josh R. reminded me today, it's been an almost unforgivably long time since I saw Kelly Clarkson perform at The Beacon Theater in New York City, and I have still not blogged about it. What kind of Kelly fan am I???

Well, here goes...

I've been to every tour Ms. Clarkson has been on, starting with the American Idol tour back in '02, continuing with her shared tour with Clay Aiken, and all the way through her two stops in support of Breakaway. So, basically, I've got some context for critiquing this most recent stop, which, I think, gives me the ability to honestly say...

I loved it!! I mean, really, really loved it.

Straight up, I'm a big fan of My December. I'd be lying if I said that I loved every song on the album ("Hole," "Yeah," and "One Minute" are probably my least favorites), but I think some of the songs, especially "Sober," "Maybe," "Be Still" and "Can I Have a Kiss," are some of the best songs Kelly has ever recorded. Performing in an intimate venue like The Beacon was the perfect setting for the live performance of some of these tunes -- they are extremely personal songs, and by performing in a smaller space, Kelly was able to really connect with both the music and her audience at the same time. She didn't perform "Can I Have a Kiss," but her renditions of "Maybe," "Sober" and "Be Still" were just as stirring, if not more so, than the album versions of these songs. And even though I skip them when they come up on my ipod, both "Hole" and "One Minute" were much better live than they are on disc.

Then, of course, there are her multitude of hits. Between "Since You Been Gone," "Behind These Hazel Eyes," "Because of You" (sung with just an organ and with the 3,000 fans as her backup singers), "Walk Away," "Miss Independent," and "Breakaway," the reaction from the audience was absolutely electric. In fact, a friend texted me right after the show to say that I looked like a pogo stick, I was jumping up and down so much!

She also threw in a couple of oldies-but-goodies, like "Addicted" and "Gone," neither of which were singles but both of which were welcome surprises to her set.

The highlight of the show, though, may have been her cover of Patty Griffin's "Up To the Mountain," which she had originally sung on Idol Gives Back. The soulfulness she brought to the gospel-esque tune was simply breathtaking. I was mesmerized.

Throughout the concert, Kelly sounded spot on. No, I take that back -- she sounded better than spot on, she sounded un-freakin'-believable. The fact that she is able to hit high note after high note, night after night, is remarkable.

She also seemed like she was actually having fun, something that was not the case the last time I saw her perform, back at Jones Beach last year. This time she was smiling and chatty, was visibly moved after the audience's ovation following "Because of You," and seemed especially playful during an encore version of "Chivas." It's clear she really likes performing her newer music.

And I really enjoyed hearing it.

So, the death of Kelly Clarkson as popstar has been seriously exaggerated -- she's alive and well, and killin' them across the country. If you haven't picked up your tickets yet -- do it!

12 Best SYTYCD Dances: Benji and Heidi's Mambo at #2

Yes, I know, it's been ages since I've continued my list of the 12 Best SYTYCD Dances of All Time, and some of the more loyal Idol Thoughts readers have not let me forget it!

We had left off at #3, with Lacey and Kameron's contemporary dance by Mia Michaels, which leaves us only with #2 and #1. Coming in at the penultimate spot is...

Benji and Heidi's mambo!

I'm as surprised as the next person to have this dance featured as high as it is, especially since I was no fan of Benji's during the second season's competition. But this performance is so intricate, so nuanced, and so well executed, it is impossible not to admire the artistry and workmanship that went into creating it. There is, literally, not one single flaw in this dance, and the spins, footwork, and movement across the stage is breathtaking. Yes, it's a bit creepy to see the cousins gettin' all sexy up on each other, but if you can overlook that, I dare you not to be impressed.

Coming soon...the single best dance ever on So You Think You Can Dance.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Don't Forget Your Tights: Step Up 2 Trailer Now Online

Let's be honest -- even though Step Up, starring Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, can't hold a candle to classic dance films like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Center Stage, it was still pretty freakin' fantastic. I have a friend (who will for now go nameless) who sat next to me (in the theater) while watching Step Up, literally moaning.

What can I say? Dance movies have that kind of effect.

Which is why I'm pumped for Step Up 2, which will hit theaters next Valentine's Day. Sure, there's no Channing Tatum goodness, but who the heck cares? The stars look hot, the dancing looks fierce, and the cliches are out in full effect. Yep, it's time to dance!

View the trailer and lemme know what you think...are you ready to step up again?

Money Can't Buy You Everything: Mark Cuban Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars

He had a good run, but it looks like the money ran out -- billionaire Mark Cuban has been eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.

I can't say I'm sorry to see him go, but I do have to give props to his attitude toward the competition. Having said that, I guess it's not too difficult to dedicate yourself to something when you know that even if you fail you have a billion dollars to fall back on. I'm just saying.

In a reversal of last season, the men don't seem to be faring too well this season, with only Helio Castroneves and Cameron Mathison still around to represent the male set. With Sabrina Bryan, Mel B., Jane Seymour, Marie Osmond and Jennie Garth still hoofin', could we see a woman take home the prize this year?

While it was no surprise that Marie Osmond's fainting spell earned her enough sympathy (and notoriety) votes to keep her in the competition, Jane Seymour was sweatin' in her dress last night, as she was Cuban's companion in the Bottom 2. Will the erstwhile Dr. Quinn be in serious danger next week, or will one of the two remaining men face the hook? Guess we'll have to wait and see!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pushing Daisies Picked Up for Full Season

Pushing Daisies will stay in bloom!

The whimsical ABC series has been picked up for a full season, according to Michael Ausiello over at While I haven't completely given in to the show's charms, I'm glad a non-procedural is getting some network lovin'.

I also discovered this video of Daisies star Kristin Chenoweth singing "Hopelessly Devoted to You" on the show's second episode. The clip alone may force me to give the show another chance.

What do you think of Pushing Daisies? Too precious, or just right?

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Fat Lady Has Sung for Viva Laughlin; Amazing Race to Return Nov. 4

Well, that was quick.

Faster than you can say Cop Rock, CBS has canceled it's "musical crime drama" Viva Laughlin. I guess Hugh Jackman's superpowers couldn't save this one!

I watched about 20 minutes of the pilot and had to turn it off -- it was horrible! And I like musicals!

Amazing Race will return to the schedule at 8PM on Sundays beginning November 4th. This is great news -- except, of course, that it will likely be delayed every week due to football overruns. Ah well, I'll take what I can get.

Ciao Viva Laughlin!

Joshua Jackson Scrubs in at Grey's Anatomy

Pacey's a doctor? I knew he'd make good with is life!

According to, Dawson Creek star Joshua Jackson will be joining the cast of Grey's Anatomy later this this season for a multi-episode arc. Apparently, the forever-Pacey will be playing a doctor on the medical drama. I love it!

It's about time Jackson got a high-profile gig -- after James van der Beek appeared on the post-Superbowl episode of Criminal Minds, Michelle Williams picked up an Oscar nomination for Brokeback Mountain, and Katie Holmes married some guy named Tom. The time is ripe for a Pacey renaissance!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Private Practice and Big Bang Theory Get Full Season Orders

Two more full-season orders have been issued, as ABC's Private Practice and CBS' Big Bang Theory have been picked up for the full season.

I finally got around to watching the pilot of the Grey's Anatomy spin-off last night, and I have to say -- I kinda liked it! I had been hearing negative things about the show, so went into viewing it with a bit of trepidation, but aside from a few moments of silliness, I thought it had the makings of a solid start to a series. The cast is beyond stellar, and the writing, while a bit inconsistent in tone, was not nearly the disaster it had been made out to be.

So, congrats Private Practice and Big Bang Theory (which I did find unwatchable on my one and only viewing).

Now the real question...which show are gonna get canceled?

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Musical Legally Blonde Scores Big Ratings on MTV

Omigod u guys! Did you catch MTV's broadcast of the Broadway musical Legally Blonde this past weekend? I did...and loved it!

Apparently, I wasn't the only one, as the ratings are in and it looks like a moderate hit. The following is from

"MTV’s broadcast of the Broadway show Legally Blonde the Musical on Saturday afternoon ranked #1 in its time period among persons 12-34 across all of television, even beating out broadcast. The highest-rated demo for the broadcast was in females 12-17 (3.89 rtg, +151% from the prior four weeks). It also scored a 1.15 persons 12-34 rating, up 31%. vs prior four weeks time period average. The special broadcast reached over 12.5 million total viewers, with over 6.9 million from the net’s persons 12-34 core."

I found the telecast ridiculously entertaining to watch -- I thought it had great production values that didn't just feel like they set up a video camera on a tripod, but also didn't go over-the-top with crazy camera cuts.

I had seen the show and enjoyed it in the theater back in April, but I fell in love with it even more watching it on TV. The story is charming, and the music, while not insta-classics, have a peppy, feel-good quality that make them easy to listen to. And the performances! Laura Bell Bundy just blows me away -- aside from Sutton Foster, I can't think of a single Broadway actress capable of dancing, singing and acting the way she does. She's the hardest working woman on Broadway! Christian Borle is effortlessly appealing as Emmitt, Orfeh is a hoot (and better than she was when I first saw the show) as Paulette, and Kate Shindle belts her face off as Vivian. I have to admit, I missed Leslie Kritzer as one of the Delta Nu girls, but all in all the cast is pretty flawless.

If you missed it, I believe MTV is re-running the airing this Friday. Check your local listings.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Clay Aiken Joining the Broadway Cast of Spamalot

Another Idol is hitting the stage, and this one is sure to make some jaws drop --

Clay Aiken is joining the Broadway cast of Spamalot!!

Oh! My! God!

Clay will be playing Sir Robin (a role originated by David Hyde Pierce) in the Monty Python musical on January 18, 2008, according to a press release sent out this morning.

According to the release:

Director Mike Nichols said: “Clay Aiken is amazing beyond that glorious voice. Turns out he is an excellent comic actor and a master of character. People will be surprised by his wide ranging talent, since the first impression is of great country charm and a singer to remember. This guy is not only a star, he is a lot more. We are lucky to get him for Spamalot.”

In addition, Spamalot author and original Python Eric Idle commented: “This is great news. I have been a Clay Aiken fan ever since I took my daughter to see him live on the second season of American Idol and she held up a big sign of his name. Maybe now it should read ‘American Idle.’”


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Dancing with the Stars Top 9: Rankings and Recap

Last night saw some great dancing, but also one huge debacle -- the return of Samantha Harris as co-host. God, I hate her! Bring back Drew Lachey!

Here's my rankings from last night's show...

1. Helio Castroneves
At this point I can't tell if I love Helio or if I am just smitten with Julianne, but this Viennese waltz was just heavenly to watch. The judges are right -- this guy is nothing but pure pleasure. He's definitely the men's best chance at producing another champion...

2. Sabrina Bryan
But if a girl is going to steal it away, chances are it will be Sabrina. Yes, she got a "30" from the judges, but she missed out on my top spot due to no fault of her own -- I just didn't love the song for the dance. She was flawless, and spirited, though -- I just hope next time they get a better song to shake their groove thangs to.

3. Jennie Garth
Kellie Taylor rocks! After last week's triumphant Tango I was worried Jennie might relapse into the stiff klutz she was during the first few weeks, but she delivered in spades last night, really rockin' the paso doble. I feel like it's 1995 all over again..and I love it!

4. Jane Seymour
This woman is grace and elegance personified. Sure, she's got a little of the Vivica Fox-I'm-taking-this-too-seriously syndrome, but as long as she keeps turning out flawless performances, you won't hear me complaining.

5. Cameron Mathison
Good for the soap star, who really stepped it up this week and finally showed he's got some talent beneath those rippling muscles. This was passionate and inspired, and may catapult Mathison to the top of (at least the male) pack.

6. Marie Osmond
At the end of this dance I literally said aloud, "Awwww." I don't know what it is about Marie Osmond, but I absolutely adore watching her dance. And those head twirls were fierce! You go, girl.

7. Mel B.
I love the erstwhile Spice Girl, but she's gonna have to step it up to compete with the other strong ladies in the competition.

8. Mark Cuban
Definitely his best performance of the competition, Cuban is still difficult to watch. The heartbreaking billionaire -- wah wah, I feel so bad for him. Not!

9. Floyd Mayweather
I'm over the boxer. He doesn't have skill, he doesn't have precision, and what he does have is an attitude. Get him outta here.

There it is, my rankings. Check back later for my prediction of who will be sent packin' tonight.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bald is Beautiful, Smart Not So Much, on Top Model

It was the makeover episode on America's Next Top Model last night - yay!!

Nothing is more fun than watching a group of prissy girls, most of whom have a very loose relationship with the concept of style, get completely re-made into what Tyra and company deems "model-worthy." In some cases (Janet, Sarah) the changes were a big improvement; in other cases (Salyshia, Jenah) not so much. I mean, every time they showed Jenah post-makeover I actually winced -- that platinum color does her no favors.

Our favorite Asberger's girl Heather, meanwhile, was barely touched during her make-over. Granted, her look is fierce (and her pictures even fiercer), but could this possibly have something to do with her syndrome? It just seems a bit curious that she is the only one whose look barely changed.

And then, of course, there is Bianca. I don't know what all the cryin' was about, because her new look is amazing, not to mention about a thousand times better than the purple and black thing she was sportin' on top of her head before. Bald is beautiful, baby!

As for the eliminated contestant last night, good riddance Victoria. I can't stand these girls who think they are too smart to compete on the show -- if that was the case, why did you go through the surely rigorous audition process to begin with? It's so clear to me that the whole "I'm too good to be doing this" is a defense mechanism created to protect against criticism, as if to say, "Well, if I don't care, then it doesn't matter if I don't do a good job." Good riddance, Victoria -- good luck at Yale.

A final note -- when did Salyshia become such a bitch? Is that what they teach at Tyra's Self Esteem Camp?

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Photo Tease: Neil and Danny from SYTYCD Tour

Thanks to the lovely and talented Karen Tiongson, I've got hundreds of pics from last night's So You Think You Can Dance tour stop in Long Island, NY. The show was fantastic, and I'll have a full review and many more photos coming up, but here's a bit of a teaser for ya. Enjoy!

Daughtry and Underwood Pick Up American Music Award Nominations

Riddle me this -- Carrie Underwood's album Some Hearts was released in 2005, and yet it's still eligible for awards? I don't get it.

Whatever the rules may be, Carrie Underwood picked up 2 American Music Award nominations (Favorite Country Female Artist and Favorite Country Album), joining fellow Idol alum Chris Daughtry on the list of nominees. The rocker grabbed three nods, for Favorite Pop or Rock Album, Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist, and Favorite Breakthrough Artist.

Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Linkin Park also picked up three nominations.

Here is a full list of nominees:

Favorite Male Artist:
Justin Timberlake

Favorite Female Artist:
Avril Lavigne

Favorite Band, Duo or Group:
Linkin Park
Maroon 5

Favorite Album:
Linkin Park/Minutes To Midnight
Justin Timberlake/FutureSex/Love Sounds

Favorite Male Artist:
Toby Keith
Tim McGraw
Brad Paisley

Favorite Female Artist:
Martina McBride
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood

Favorite Band, Duo or Group:
Big & Rich
Brooks & Dunn
Rascal Flatts

Favorite Album:
Tim McGraw/Let It Go
Rascal Flatts/Me And My Gang
Carrie Underwood/Some Hearts

Favorite Male Artist:

Favorite Female Artist:

Favorite Album:
Beyoncé /B'Day
R. Kelly/Double Up
Justin Timberlake/FutureSex/LoveSounds

Favorite Band, Duo or Group:
Bone Thugs-N-Hamony
Pretty Ricky
Shop Boyz

Favorite Male Artist:
Young Jeezy

Favorite Album:
Bones Thugs-N-Harmony/Strength & Loyalty
T.I./T.I. vs. T.I.P.
Young Jeezy/The Inspiration

Favorite Artist:
Norah Jones
John Mayer

Favorite Artist:
Daddy Yankee
Juan Luis Guerra y 440
Jennifer Lopez

Favorite Artist:
Linkin Park
My Chemical Romance
The White Stripes

Favorite Artist:
Casting Crowns
Jeremy Camp

Favorite Album:
High School Musical 2

Plain White T's
Robin Thicke

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Wayne Newton Sent Packin' on Dancing with the Stars

He may be "Mr. Las Vegas," but he's no "Mr. Dancing with the Stars."

Yes, Wayne Newton was eliminated on last night's Dancing with the Stars, taking his partner, two-time champ Cheryl Burke, with him. It wasn't a huge surprise -- Newton's been hugging the bottom of the leader board for the past several weeks. In fact, it may be the early ouster of Burke, however, that has more of an effect -- I know my pal Nick, who is Cheryl's number one fan, must be devastated!

Last night's show was actually the first Results show of the season I have been able to catch, and while there was the usual filler (two songs from Seal!?!), there was actually some fun and educational montages (the music piece was particularly interesting), as well as a not-bad performance from Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus. I thought it was especially cute that Karina, Billy Ray's partner from last year, was chosen to dance to the duet, and that she and Miley shared a hug following the performance.

So, Wayne is gone, and Mark Cuban has a little bet of life left in him. Who wants to bet that he's paying people to vote for him? Hey, if Mike Bloomberg can buy himself the position of New York mayor, Cuban should have no problem financing a trip to the finals on Dancing with the Stars. Right?

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gossip Girl Picked Up for Full Season!

The CW has announced a full-season pick-up for it's freshman drama Gossip Girl.

Below is the press release from the CW:

October 9, 2007 (Burbank, California) – Acclaimed and much buzzed-about new drama “Gossip Girl” has become the first new series picked up for a full season of episodes, it was announced today by Dawn Ostroff, president, entertainment, The CW.

“People everywhere are talking about `Gossip Girl’ and we believe this show will continue to build audience as it builds buzz,” said Ostroff. “Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage have created an incredibly heightened-reality world that viewers are locking into while advertisers, affiliates and press have also embraced the show. The series has earned its early pick-up and we look forward to a long run on The CW.”

With online buzz mounting and the show’s success on other platforms like iTunes, the premiere of The CW’s new drama “Gossip Girl” also gained significant number of viewers in its target demos when DVR usage is factored in, according to Nielsen live-plus 7 day ratings.

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Dancing with the Stars Top 10: Who Will Be Eliminated Tonight

I've ranked the contestants, now it's time to predict who's gettin' the boot tonight on Dancing with the Stars.

The way I see it, there are only four candidates for elimination tonight: Wayne Newton, Mark Cuban, Floyd Mayweather and Cameron Mathison. Yes, it's possible Jennie Garth or Marie Osmond could take a total dive in the viewer votes and wind up waltzing their way off of the floor, but I'm fairly confident it will be one of the men who gets sent packin'.

Mathison is the least likely evictee -- he's improving, and he has a huge soap opera fanbase, so he should live to dance another week.

Same goes for Mayweather -- he'll never be a great dancer, but he is charming, so count on that buying him some more time.

Which leaves Newton and Cuban. While Wayne is definitively the season's weakest dancer, the fact that Mark Cuban is just so darn creepy means the Vegas entertainer (and two time champ Cheryl Burke) should be around for the Top 9.

Cuban -- not so much.

Hey, at least he's got billions of dollars in his bank account to make him feel better!

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Watch Kelly Clarkson's Video for "Don't Waste Your Time"

It's looking more and more likely that the next single from Kelly Clarkson's recent album My December will be "Don't Waste Your Time." While I probably would have gone with the peppier "How I Feel," I think this pop-ish ditty may get Ms. C back on the radio, where she belongs.

Check out the video for the new song. Whaddaya think?

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Oh No! Not Prison Break's Dr. Sara Tancredi!

If you didn't watch last night's episode of Prison Break yet, STOP READING NOW!!!


Dr. Sara Tancredi met her end last night on the Fox show, devastating this (and I'm sure countless other) Sara/Michael fans across the country. I had been holding out hope that Fox TV and Dr. Sara's portrayer, Sarah Wayne Callies, would come to some sort of agreement that would bring the tortured-yet-lovely doctor back to the show, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Michael Ausiello, the genius from, has a great interview with the creators of Prison Break, which details this latest tragic development. Check it out here.

RIP, Dr. Sarah. We'll miss ya.

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Youtube Encore: Sabrina Bryan's Dancing with the Stars Jive

In case you missed it last night, here's the youtube video of Sabrina Bryan's spectacular jive, which I put at the top of my Rankings for last night's show. Check it out!

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Dancing with the Stars Top 10: Rankings and Recap

It's back to the dance floor yet again, as the Dancing with the Stars Top 10 Celebs whip out their best tangoes and jives. Who thrived? Who stumbled?

As always, here's my rankings...

1. Sabrina Bryan
The Cheetah Girl once again takes my top spot with a spirited and sassy jive. Is there a doubt in anyone's mind that this girl is the year's best performer?

2. Helio Castroneves
That smile! This guy's adorable, and the dance was executed surprisingly well. With Julianne by his side, he may give that Cheetah girl a run for her money deep in the competition.

3. Jane Seymour
Unlike Albert Reed, who was crying about his long-dead grandfather, Jane Seymour had real reason to shed tears last night, but gamely held it together to deliver a spot-on tango. Her grace is inspiring.

4. Jennie Garth
As Carrie Ann said, this is what Dancing with the Stars is all about -- overcoming adversity to flourish. This was far and away Jennie's best dance of the season, and with something to prove, she showed she's in-it-to-win-it. While she probably won't take home the top prize, she is gaining confidence -- and earning respect.

5. Mel B
I thought this jive was a bit over-rated by the judges, but there's no question Mel has the bounce and desire to do well in the competition. Still, though, this jive was not as strong as Ms. Cheetah's.

6. Marie Osmond
Why do I love Marie Osmond so much? I was never a fan of the crazy Mormon before, but she's winning me over with her theatricality and infectious energy. Go Marie!

7. Cameron Mathison
This year's Ian Ziering continues to get slightly better, although he's still got a while to go before he'll be able to put up a true fight.

8. Floyd Mayweather
He's got the energy, no doubt, and that jump-roping start was a good launch to the performance, but he still has to refine his steps if he is going to stay in the ring. (Boxing metaphor -- sorry, couldn't help it!)

9. Mark Cuban
The determination was ingratiating for one week -- now it's just kind of tragic. Get this billionaire outta here.

10. Wayne Newton
Not nearly as bad as last week's debacle, this tango was still borderline unwatchable. And is it just me, or does Cheryl Burke seem like a completely different performer this year? Knowing she is not going to take home another trophy has taken a bit of the bounce out of her step. Buck up, Cheryl, there's always next year.

So, there it is. Check back in a little bit for my prediction of who will go home.

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I'm Back, Bitches!

Ok, I admit it -- I've been a terrible blogger.

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts in the past week, sometimes life gets in the way of posting. In this case, I was on the apartment hunt, which anyone who lives in NYC knows, is not an easy undertaking.

Alas, my search has hopefully come to an end, and as such I'm back and hopefully better than ever. Expect a Dancing with the Stars recap soon, along with the top 2 Best Dances of all Time from SYTYCD, TV Thoughts on Weeds, Brothers and Sisters, Grey's Anatomy and more.

Also coming up is a review of the So You Think You Can Dance tour (which I'll be attending tonight!)

In other words...Idol Thoughts is back, bitches!

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Daughtry the Only Idol Representative in the Top 50 Album Chart

Daughtry keeps on hangin' on.

Carrie Underwood is still off the chart (for now, at least, until her new CD is released later this month), meaning Daughtry is the only Idol alum with a full length CD on this week's album chart. The group moved about 20K copies for the #40 spot.

Reba McEntire's album Duets, featuring her collaboration with Kelly Clarkson on "Because of You," fell 60% this week but hung in the Top 10 at #6.

The week's top seller was the Rascall Flatts, who moved a whopping 555K copies. The Top 5 is rounded out by Keyshia Cole, the Foo Fighters, Jill Scott and Kanye West.

Numbers courtesy of Hits Daily Double

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Dancing with the Stars Top 11: Who Will Be Eliminated Tonight?

I've ranked the Top 11 contestants from last night's Dancing with the Stars -- now it's time to figure out who's going home!

It's pretty clear that Helio Castrovenes and Sabrina Bryan will be fine this week -- they both performed spectacularly, and the fans seem to be eating them up. I'd also put Mel B., Floyd Mayweather, and Marie Osmond on the safe list, since all three were totally charming last night.

Jennie Garth will likely get some sympathy votes thanks to her fall, and Cameron Mathison's soap opera fans won't abandon him this early in the competition, so expect them to coast into the Top 10.

That leaves Jane Seymour, Wayne Newton, Albert Reed and Mark Cuban as the likeliest candidates for eviction. Seymour has still got some Dr. Quinn fans roaming around, and her "elegant" mambo was slightly underpraised by the judges, so she should be fine, while Reed whipped out the dead grandfather card and is hoping to ride his wave of tears into the Top 10. While Newton had the lowest scores of the four, I'm actually gonna predict that the eliminated contestant will be...

Mark Cuban!

Money can't buy you votes, babe...better luck next time!

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Clay Aiken is Huge!

It always bugs me when people criticize Kelly Clarkson for her weight, so I am going to try and be as sensitive as I can when I say...

Clay Aiken has gotten huge!

In the picture above, taken yesterday at an event for First Daughter Jenna Bush's book, the former Idol runner-up showed off his new, not-so-svelte figure.

What do y'all think?

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Youtube Encore: Helio Castrovenes' Mambo on Dancing with the Stars

It was so good, we gotta see it again!

Here's Helio Castrovenes' fiery mambo with the amazing Julianne Hough from last night's Dancing with the Stars. I love it!

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Dancing with the Stars Top 11: Rankings and Recap

The men and the women danced side by side on Dancing with the Stars last night, and while the women made overall stronger showings, it was a man who came out on top.

Is it just me, or is the overall talent level much higher at this point in the season than it has ever been before?

Here we go with the rankings...

1. Helio Castrovenes
This mambo was on fire! After a mighty fine fox trot last week, Helio was once again in the front of the pack, smokin' up the floor with Julianne Hough, who has quickly become the best choreographer/dancer in the competition (and you just know that Cheryl Burke is none too happy about that!) Helio danced with an authority, sexuality and manliness that is rarely seen on this show -- and I loved every minute of it!

2. Sabrina Bryan
It's always nice when a contender has a great first week and is able to follow it up with an equally impressive second dance, and Sabrina has done just that. Such pep in her step! She flew around the floor, nailing the quickstep with the precision of a professional. This Cheetah Girl can definitely pounce!

3. Mel B.
From Scary Spice to Lady Spice -- genius! She more than lived up to her new name, gracefully executing the quickstep in a way that still incorporated a bit of her fieriness. Helio and Sabrina may be the top contenders at the moment, but Mel is right on their heels.

4. Marie Osmond
The look of joy on Marie Osmond's face is transcendent -- how could you not smile from ear to ear while watching this performance? She went at it with such abandon and vigor that I fell a little bit in love with her last night, Mary Murphy-face be damned!

5. Jane Seymour
Yes, this mambo was probably a bit more prim and proper than one Sabrina or Mel might deliver, but for a woman in her 50's to commit so heartily to this sexy Latin dance, and for the most part pull it off, is enough to impress me.

6. Floyd Mayweather
The champ was in fine form last night, executing the quickstep with much more precision than I expected him to. His posture is a bit wonky, but that smile is adorable, so if Karinna can continue to crack the whip, he should have no problem staying in the ring for at least a few more rounds.

7. Cameron Mathison
The judges made a good point -- Cameron looks so good, his dancing is bound to disappoint by comparison. Still, I thought this was a step up from last week's showing, although he does have a bit of that Ian Ziering stiffness going on. He could continue to improve, though, in which case I wouldn't rule out a Top 5 or 6 finish.

8. Jennie Garth
Oh, Kelly Taylor, how I love thee! She's stuck with probably the least commanding dance partner, her dancing is a bit tentative, and that fall at the end was unfortunate, but how could I not root for the bitch from 90210?

9. Mark Cuban
A marked improvement over last week, I definitely admire Mark's drive and determination. Still, though, there's something a bit creepy about the billionaire, and unless he becomes a bit more likable, and quick, he's gonna get shown the door.

10. Albert Reed
Using your dead grandfather so early in the competition? Shame, Albert, shame! I'm glad your grandmother loves you -- 'cause I sure don't!

11. Wayne Newton
I'm not sure what was most embarrassing about this performance -- Wayne's horrible dancing or Cheryl's horrible outfit. Both were total nightmares.

Check back in a bit for my elimination prediction.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

American Idol Season 1 Finalist Jim Verraros Reaches Out to Fellow Idols

American Idol Season 1 finalist Jim Verraros is feeling a bit nostalgic.

In a blog post on his myspace page, Jim, who has released two CDs and appeared in several movies, including the relative DVD hit Eating Out, laments that he has not kept in touch with his fellow finalists from the first year of the show.

Here's what Jim had to say...

I guess for some reason, I've been reminiscing a lot about my former Idol Gang: RJ Helton, Christina Christian, EJay Day, Justin Guarini, Tamyra Gray, Nikki McKibbin, Ryan Starr, AJ Gil, and Kelly Clarkson. Half of these people I haven't spoken to in YEARS. It's been six seasons since we were all the American Idol Top Ten. It's crazy how much we've all grown up, how much we've changed and unfortunately, grown apart.

I remember the last tour stop in Seattle, we all promised not to lose touch after it all came to an end...but, things happen. People go off in different directions, tackle different opportunities that come their way, and that's life.

I thanked them all in my album liner notes when my record came out in 2005. And I hope they read what I had to say; because I meant every word. In fact, I still do. Very much.

More than anything, though...I wanted to try and reach out to as many as I could today, browsing through their Myspace Profiles and writing them "I miss you" messages. Whether they'll write back, I don't know. But, I wanted to do something to let them know that they were on my mind, and that no matter where life takes us, we all shared something so amazing together. Something only a handful of people will ever get to experience.

We were the trailblazers. The originals, and guinea pigs. And in my opinion, no matter who goes on to win season 7,8 or 9...there will be only one true Idol. Kelly. And I hope she knows that.

A lot of this has sort of spiraled from American Idol re-airing on the CW network...and I can't tell you how strange it is to actually re-watch some of that footage five years ago.

Even though American Idol has turned into a "ratings juggernaut," I wouldn't trade my season for anyone else's. Being in that group of ten was the best thing that ever happened to me. And no matter what anyone says, that group of nine are the most amazingly talented and good hearted people that will ever appear on Idol. Take my word for it.

We've struggled harder than any other season of competitors have on American Idol. But, when we do achieve success, it tastes so much sweeter than it would have any other way.

I hope everyone's doing well. What has everyone else been up to these days? Fill me in.

Love You Always,


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IDOL MADNESS (Abdul Bracket) Rnd of 64: #8 Phil Stacey vs. #9 Ace Young

Abdul Bracket First Round Match-Ups:

#1 Fantasia vs. #16 EJ Day
#2 Jordin Sparks vs. #15 Jim Verraros
#3 Elliott Yamin vs. #14 Julia DeMato
#4 Kimberley Locke vs. #13 AJ Gil
#5 Blake Lewis vs. #12 Nadia Turner
#6 Nikki McKibbin vs. #11 John Stevens
#7 Anthony Fedorov vs. #10 Carmen Rasmussen
#8 Phil Stacey vs. #9 Ace Young

Abdul Bracket -- Draw, Seedings and First Round Match-Ups


IDOL MADNESS (Abdul Bracket) Rnd of 64: #7 Anthony Fedorov vs. #10 Carmen Rasmussen

Abdul Bracket First Round Match-Ups:

#1 Fantasia vs. #16 EJ Day
#2 Jordin Sparks vs. #15 Jim Verraros
#3 Elliott Yamin vs. #14 Julia DeMato
#4 Kimberley Locke vs. #13 AJ Gil
#5 Blake Lewis vs. #12 Nadia Turner
#6 Nikki McKibbin vs. #11 John Stevens
#7 Anthony Fedorov vs. #10 Carmen Rasmussen
#8 Phil Stacey vs. #9 Ace Young

Abdul Bracket -- Draw, Seedings and First Round Match-Ups


IDOL MADNESS (Abdul Bracket) Rnd of 64: #6 Nikki McKibbin vs. #11 John Stevens

Abdul Bracket First Round Match-Ups:

#1 Fantasia vs. #16 EJ Day
#2 Jordin Sparks vs. #15 Jim Verraros
#3 Elliott Yamin vs. #14 Julia DeMato
#4 Kimberley Locke vs. #13 AJ Gil
#5 Blake Lewis vs. #12 Nadia Turner
#6 Nikki McKibbin vs. #11 John Stevens
#7 Anthony Fedorov vs. #10 Carmen Rasmussen
#8 Phil Stacey vs. #9 Ace Young

Abdul Bracket -- Draw, Seedings and First Round Match-Ups


IDOL MADNESS (Abdul Bracket) Rnd of 64: #5 Blake Lewis vs. #12 Nadia Turner

Abdul Bracket First Round Match-Ups:

#1 Fantasia vs. #16 EJ Day
#2 Jordin Sparks vs. #15 Jim Verraros
#3 Elliott Yamin vs. #14 Julia DeMato
#4 Kimberley Locke vs. #13 AJ Gil
#5 Blake Lewis vs. #12 Nadia Turner
#6 Nikki McKibbin vs. #11 John Stevens
#7 Anthony Fedorov vs. #10 Carmen Rasmussen
#8 Phil Stacey vs. #9 Ace Young

Abdul Bracket -- Draw, Seedings and First Round Match-Ups


Meet the New Project Runway Designers

It may be hard to process any new reality TV info, what with Survivor, Top Model, Dancing with the Stars, and Top Chef all in full swing, but here comes news on Project Runway! Make it work, bitches!

Here's the new crop of designers:

- Carmen Webber, 37 - Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.; Resides in N.Y.
- Chris March, 44 - Hometown: San Francisco, Calif.; Resides in N.Y.
- Christian Siriano, 21 - Hometown: Annapolis, Md.; Resides in N.Y.
- Elisa Jimenez, 42 - Hometown: El Paso, Texas; Resides in Santa Fe, N.M.
- Jack Mackenroth, 38 - Hometown: Seattle, Wash.; Resides in N.Y.
- Jillian Lewis, 26 - Hometown/Resides In: Selden in Long Island, N.Y.
- Kevin Christiana, 30 - Hometown: Fairfield, N.J.; Resides in N.Y.
- Kit, aka Christina Scarbo, 26 - Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; Resides in Los Angeles, C.A.
- Marion Lee, 39 - Hometown: Tyler, Texas; Resides in Dallas, Texas.
- Rami Kashou, 31 - Hometown: Ramallah, Jerusalem; Resides in Los Angeles, Calif.
- Ricky Lizalde, 35 - Hometown: Escondido, Calif.; Resides in N.Y.
- Simone LeBlanc, 32 - Hometown: San Francisco, Calif.; Resides in Los Angeles, Calif.
- Steven Rosengard, 30 - Hometown/Resides In: Chicago, Ill.
- Sweet P, aka Kathleen Vaughn, 46 - Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.; Resides in Glendale, Calif.
- Victorya Hong, 34 - Hometown: Seoul, Korea; Resides in N.Y.

Thanks to for the photo

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IDOL MADNESS (Abdul Bracket) Rnd of 64: #4 Kimberley Locke vs. #13 AJ Gil

Abdul Bracket First Round Match-Ups:

#1 Fantasia vs. #16 EJ Day
#2 Jordin Sparks vs. #15 Jim Verraros
#3 Elliott Yamin vs. #14 Julia DeMato
#4 Kimberley Locke vs. #13 AJ Gil
#5 Blake Lewis vs. #12 Nadia Turner
#6 Nikki McKibbin vs. #11 John Stevens
#7 Anthony Fedorov vs. #10 Carmen Rasmussen
#8 Phil Stacey vs. #9 Ace Young

Abdul Bracket -- Draw, Seedings and First Round Match-Ups


IDOL MADNESS (Abdul Bracket) Rnd of 64: #3 Elliott Yamin vs. #14 Julia DeMato

Abdul Bracket First Round Match-Ups:

#1 Fantasia vs. #16 EJ Day
#2 Jordin Sparks vs. #15 Jim Verraros
#3 Elliott Yamin vs. #14 Julia DeMato
#4 Kimberley Locke vs. #13 AJ Gil
#5 Blake Lewis vs. #12 Nadia Turner
#6 Nikki McKibbin vs. #11 John Stevens
#7 Anthony Fedorov vs. #10 Carmen Rasmussen
#8 Phil Stacey vs. #9 Ace Young

Abdul Bracket -- Draw, Seedings and First Round Match-Ups


IDOL MADNESS (Abdul Bracket) Rnd of 64: #2 Jordin Sparks vs. #15 Jim Verraros

Abdul Bracket First Round Match-Ups:

#1 Fantasia vs. #16 EJ Day
#2 Jordin Sparks vs. #15 Jim Verraros
#3 Elliott Yamin vs. #14 Julia DeMato
#4 Kimberley Locke vs. #13 AJ Gil
#5 Blake Lewis vs. #12 Nadia Turner
#6 Nikki McKibbin vs. #11 John Stevens
#7 Anthony Fedorov vs. #10 Carmen Rasmussen
#8 Phil Stacey vs. #9 Ace Young

Abdul Bracket -- Draw, Seedings and First Round Match-Ups


IDOL MADNESS (Abdul Bracket) Rnd of 64: #1 Fantasia vs. #16 EJ Day

Abdul Bracket First Round Match-Ups:

#1 Fantasia vs. #16 EJ Day
#2 Jordin Sparks vs. #15 Jim Verraros
#3 Elliott Yamin vs. #14 Julia DeMato
#4 Kimberley Locke vs. #13 AJ Gil
#5 Blake Lewis vs. #12 Nadia Turner
#6 Nikki McKibbin vs. #11 John Stevens
#7 Anthony Fedorov vs. #10 Carmen Rasmussen
#8 Phil Stacey vs. #9 Ace Young

Abdul Bracket -- Draw, Seedings and First Round Match-Ups


TV Thoughts on Grey's Anatomy: Here We Are Again

I haven't had a chance to watch Private Practice yet (one week into the season and I'm already desperately behind!), but I did finally catch the Grey's Anatomy season premiere last night, and I'm left we are again.

As Meredith pontificated at the end of the episode, sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same. And while that is probably true in real life, it doesn't always make for super compelling television. Like, are we seriously watching Meredith and Derek dance around each other again? Seriously? I can't tell if they are broken up or together, and to be honest, I'm starting not to care.

Izzie and the deer? Katherine Heigl is a big movie star now and she just won an Emmy Award, people, and she's stuck with a subplot that has her "making the impossible come true"? Ugh, gag me.

And I'm not feeling all the new interns -- it just seems like a group of extras standing around. When Meredith, Izzie, Christina and company started as interns they were a compelling, interested, ambitious bunch. These people just stand there. I'm already over them.

That's not to say the episode didn't have it's moments. Among the highlights:

-Sandra Oh's brilliant reaction when Derek informed her Burke had left the hospital. This woman can do no wrong. And while having the accident victim's children weep over their Burke-lookalike father was a bit heavy handed, it did give Ms. Oh the chance to do some fine dramatic work, so I'll let it slide. And that moment with Alex at the end, where she admits "I miss Burke"? Heartbreaking.

-TR Knight, TR Knight, TR Knight! Hands down the best part of the episode for me was watching George grapple with being a completely different person in exactly the same position he was in a year ago. I teared up when George delivered the baby, and found my eyes misty again when Lexie (Chyler Leigh) boosted him up by repeating "on his very first day" as the other interns were in awe over his accomplishments. My gosh, I love TR.

-Speaking of Lexie, I thought this character was going to be DOA when she decided to introduce herself to Meredith in the ER, but she more than redeemed herself with her chats with George. I won't write her off just yet.

So, not the best Grey's episode ever, but not the total dud I'm hearing Private Practice was. Let's see what happens to the gang from Seattle Grace next week...

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Who Will Be The Next Celeb To Go On Dancing with the Stars?

The first one was easy -- of course Josie Maran was going to be the first celebrity sent packin' on Dancing with the Stars. No one knows who she is, she's a woman, and she was terrible -- hasta la vista, pretty baby!

So, who's next? History shows that the female celebs have a harder task ahead of them (especially early in the competition), but the majority of the male hoofers can't hold a candle to their lady counterparts.

Last week's best performers (Sabrina, Mel B., and Helio) are all very likely to be safe, as are fan favorites Cameron Mathison, Wayne Newton, Floyd Mayweather and Jennie Garth. That leaves Marie Osmond, Jane Seymour, Mark Cuban and Albert Reed in the most danger of Tuesday's dreaded red light.

I think Dr. Quinn's drive is likely to sustain her for at least another week, and if Marie can be as adorable as she was last week again, she, too, should be safe. Which means the model and the billionaire could be in trouble.

Of course, everything will change once they hit the floor, but right now I'm predicting an Albert Reed ouster. Let's get these models out of here and really get down to business!

Who do you think will be the next celeb to go? Take the poll on the right and let me know!

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The Best SYTYCD Group Dance of All Time Is...

I'm up to taking a brief break from identifying the 12 Best SYTYCD Dances of All Time (we're up to #3 -- is the suspense killing you what the top 2 will be??) to identify the Best SYTYCD Group Dance of All Time. Before we get to it, though, a few honorable mentions:

-Season 2' s "Rama Lama (Bang Bang)", choreographed by Wade Robson

-Season 2's "Hide and Seek", choreographed by Mia Michaels

-Season 3's "The Moment I Said It," choreographed by Mia Michaels

-Season 3's "Circle of Life," choreographed by Tyce Diorio

And the number 1 group dance of all time is...


Choreographed by Wade Robson, and featuring Season 2's Top 4 (Benji, Travis, Heidi and Donyelle), this dance personified fierceness. Strutting down a catwalk, preening and posing, sportin' their best Zoolander faces, these four looked fierce and absolutely killed it. I could watch this performance over and over -- and have!

Stay tuned for #'s 2 and 1 on the 12 Best list!

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In the Heights Spoofs High School Musical and Zac Efron

Earlier this summer I caught In the Heights, the totally original (and wonderful) musical that will transfer to Broadway next year. Taking place in New York City's Washington Heights, the show mixes various styles of music (including rap, pop and salsa) to tell the story of a group of people dealing with everyday life. It's a truly great show.

And, it seems, they've come up with a truly great viral marketing technique. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writer and creator of the show, has created a youtube video parodying Zac Efron's ridiculous "Bet On It" sequence from High School Musical 2 that doubly serves as a promotional tool for In the Heights' reopening. Whether you're a fan of good, new theater, or simply a fan of making fun of Zac Efron, this video is for you!

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Youtube Goodness: Carrie Underwood Sings the Full Version of "Alone"

A friend sent me this youtube video of Carrie Underwood singing the Heart classic "Alone" at a fanclub event earlier this year. Carrie, of course, first sang this song during the Top 11 week of American Idol's Season 4 -- and killed it! This is the full version of the song, and I love it!

Also, for you Heart fans -- Celine is covering "Alone" on her new album, which comes out next month. Can't wait!

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Happy Monday!

Forgive the lack of posts in the past few days, Idol Thoughts took a little trip to Los Angeles this past weekend for a gorgeous wedding on the beach. Expect new posts within minutes!!

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