Friday, January 18, 2008

IDOL MADNESS -- Abdul Bracket, Seedings and First Round Match-Ups

See the winners of the first round of the COWELL BRACKET

Vote in the first round match-ups of the JACKSON BRACKET

Abdul Bracket First Round Match-Ups:

#1 Fantasia vs. #16 EJ Day
#2 Jordin Sparks vs. #15 Jim Verraros
#3 Elliott Yamin vs. #14 Julia DeMato
#4 Kimberley Locke vs. #13 AJ Gil
#5 Blake Lewis vs. #12 Nadia Turner
#6 Nikki McKibbin vs. #11 John Stevens
#7 Anthony Fedorov vs. #10 Carmen Rasmussen
#8 Phil Stacey vs. #9 Ace Young


Two more Idol champs appear in this bracket -- Season 3 winner, top seed Fantasia Barrino, and fresh-faced #2 seed Jordin Sparks from Season 6. Each of them will face a tough road to the Final Four. #3 seed Elliot Yamin potentially awaits Jordin in the Sweet 16, but not before he first has to face the winner of the match-up between #6 seed Nikki McKibbin and #11 seed John Stevens, two contestants who have found the votes to surprise people before.

Down the road, Broadway star and 4-time Grammy-nominee 'Tasia will have her hands full with Season 6runner-up Blake Lewis (#5 seed) and Season 2 second runner-up Kimberly Locke (#4 seed). Even before that, though, is a likely second round match-up with the winner of the contest between #8 seed Phil Stacey from Season 6 and #9 seed heartthrob Ace Young from Season 5. Should be interesting!

Seed / Name
1. Fantasia Barrino
2. Jordin Sparks
3. Elliott Yamin
4. Kimberly Locke
5. Blake Lewis
6. Nikki McKibbin
7. Anthony Fedorov
8. Phil Stacey
9. Ace Young
10. Carmen Rasmusen
11. John Stevens
12. Nadia Turner
13. AJ Gill
14. Julia DeMato
15. Jim Verraros
16. EJ Day

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