Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Strike Talks Reportedly Going Well -- A Deal Within Reach?

I love reality TV as much (if not more) than the next person, but I've gotta admit -- I'm missin' my shows! Brothers & Sisters! Grey's Anatomy! Come back!

Well, there appears to be a chance they just might. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that discussions between the WGA and the major studios is going well, and that an agreement could be reached by the end of the week. Hallelujah!

According to the paper, both sides have narrowed the gap between them in some key areas, including how much writers should earn when films and TV shows are distributed online.

Of course, until an agreement is actually reached the discussions could still fall apart. However, the Times says, "There is guarded optimism on both sides that the outlines of a deal could be reached as early as this week, paving the way for formal negotiations."

Once again I say -- hallelujah!

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