Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jake Gyllenhaal's Response to Heath Ledger's Death

If, like me, you've been wondering what Jake Gyllenhaal's response to his Brokeback Mountain co-star Heath Ledger's death is, you may have to wait awhile.

TMZ is reporting that Gyllenhaal is in New Mexico filming his new movie Brothers. According to the website, there are no plans to shut down production, but Jake is very upset and doesn't want to talk to the media. The set has apparently been closed to non-crew members and extra security has been hired.

Jake is the godfather to Heath's daughter, Matilda Rose; her godmother is Michelle Williams' Dawson's Creek co-star Busy Phillips.


Anonymous said...

Yes I was wondering too. I knew he'd be deeply upset, but I was curious why he didn't make any public statements. Everyone that knew Heath seems to be devastated.

Anonymous said...

p.s: thanks for the info!

Jack Dudley said...

Jake, I feel your devastion too.
However,Heath as a straight man, he was a most compelling man portraying
a gay man. How much can an actor do
with so much conviction.
He was just what America needed to give justice for all.
Thanks to Heath and Jake.

Anonymous said...

I've been a big Jake Gyllenhaal fan, but don't understand his silence about Heath Ledger's sudden death. As Matilda's godfather it seems he would be there to console the little girl and her mother at a time like this. Surely he can take a couple of days off from shooting in New Mexico.

I'm sure this is a maturing experience for Jake in some way.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it enough that we already know that the family & friends of Ledger are in shock & mourning? Why do we need a public statement?? Demanding such things from celebs or anybody caught up in such a public tragedy is cruel. Like those idiot reporters who shove mics in the faces of grieving people & ask, "How do you feel?" Well, how the H.*.L.L. do you think I feel?? If I broke down sobbing & screaming in front of the camera, would that be enough evening's entertainment for you??? The entitlement some display toward deserving to know all about celeb's sex lives & mistakes & failures & personal losses is sickening.