Monday, January 21, 2008

The 'Nice Guys' Finish First on A Very Satisfying End to the Amazing Race

This is how a reality show should end.

After a season that was arguably dominated by the fighting between Jennifer and Nathan, in the end "Nice Guys" TK and Rachel took home the prize on The Amazing Race. In what turned out to be a tooth-and-nail fight to the finish, all three teams were worth rooting for -- a rare and exciting occurrence on any reality show. The fact that mellow couple TK and Rachel won was extremely satisfying, proving that calmness and a level head may be the most important tools any team could possess on this exciting race around the world.

And how exciting it was! Ron and Christina held an early lead, and threatened to run away with the win, before Rachel figured out the difficult final road block just minutes before Christina, essentially securing the win. Kudos to Ron and Christina, who ran a very strong final leg, and really did grow as a team and as family members over the course of the race. The fact that Ron could talk about how proud he is of her daughter just moments after she had essentially lost them the $1 million showed how much he truly had changed. This is what makes Race special -- pre-existing relationships can grow and flourish, all in the midst of breathtaking surroundings and a competitive environment.

I was a little surprised that Don seemed to turn on Nick a bit in the final leg. Granted, Nick did forget the gear at the store and took forever to finish the puzzle roadblock, but Don seemed cold to Nick throughout the final leg, which seems a bit unfair considering how much Nick labored for his grandfather throughout the race. Still, they were a truly likable pair.

All in all, it was a pretty solid season of The Amazing Race, with a very satisfying conclusion. Hmmm, perhaps this is why the show has won five Emmys in a row...

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy TK and Rachel won!!!! I have been cheering for them since day 1 and it's amazing to actually see a nice team win. Go TK & RACHEL!!!!