Sunday, January 20, 2008

IDOL MADNESS Jackson Bracket -- Draw, Seeds and First Round Match-Ups

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Jackson Bracket First Round Match-Ups:

#1 Carrie Underwood vs. #16 Brandon Rodgers
#2 Chris Daughtry vs. #15 Camile Velasco
#3 Latoya London vs. #14 Corey Clark
#4 Katharine McPhee vs. #13 Jon Peter Lewis
#5 Justin Guarini vs. #12 Gina Glocksen
#6 Paris Bennett vs. #11 Anwar Robinson
#7 Josh Gracin vs. #10 Nikko Smith
#8 Christina Christian vs. #9 Mandisa Hundley

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The top 2 seeds of the Jackson bracket were two of the hottest pop stars in 2007. #1seed Carrie Underwood picked up 3 Grammys (and countless other awards) and released a sophomore album on her way to selling several million records last year. #2 seed Chris Daughtry picked up 3 American Music Awards and 4 Grammy nominations on his way to selling 3 million records.

Trying to keep those two seeds from reaching the Final Four will be a pair of runners-up (#5 seed Justin Guarini and #4 seed Katherine McPhee) and a trio of divas (#9 Mandisa Hundley, #6 Paris Bennett, and #3 Latoya London). Overall, Season 5 contestants could overpower this bracket with strong 2, 4, 6, and 9 seeds. Anyone dare call for the sweep??

1 Carrie Underwood
2 Chris Daughtry
3 LaToya London
4 Katharine McPhee
5 Justin Guarini
6 Paris Bennett
7 Josh Gracin
8 Christina Christian
9 Mandisa Hundley
10 Nikko Smith
11 Anwar Robinson
12 Gina Glockson
13 Jon Peter Lewis
14 Corey Clark
15 Camile Velasco
16 Brandon Rodgers

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AniMatsuri said...

Camile vs Daughtry? How is that even fair? Why not stick Cory Clark in that slot?