Thursday, January 24, 2008

IDOL MADNESS: Round of 32 Match-Ups (All Brackets)

Voting for all Round of 32 matches ends Thursday January 31, 11:59PM EST.

Here are the Round of 32 match-ups in all divisions. Vote away!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome idea... but i have a problem with your brackets and seeding...

1)Um Randy's bracket is STACKED! Not only does he have the two best selling albums of the year, he also has potentially the most talented voice in LaToya. AND McPhee would be a #3 seed (if not a #2) in ANY other bracket.

2)Jordin deserved the fourth #1 seed, not Taylor. I've heard Tattoo about 5632 times on the radio, and that is 5632 more times than I've heard ANYTHING by Taylor.

3)How, how, how did LaKisha earn a #5 over Vonzell at #6? This may be a little personal because I love Vonzell, but still, she placed higher and there careers seem to be equally quiet. Plus, Seeing two of my favorite contestants, if not my two favorite ever, BabyV and Melinda, face off in the second round only to lose one is horribly disappointing.

4)Kelly sort of got a puffball of a bracket. I think she could take anyone down, except maybe Carrie or Daughtry, but who was really gonna challenge her in the first 3,4 rounds? Let's keep in mind you have fans, not critics, voting, and Ruben and Tamyra aren't exactly busy or were in recent seasons.

5)Which brings me to this: People will vote for the idols in more recent seasons sometimes even if they are less deserving than idols from previous seasons because they are more easily recognized. I mean can you imagine the carnage if Sanjaya had made the 64?

I may sound angry but I'm actually just bored... haha. I am actually very excited to see how things turn out. I'm hoping for a Kelly-Melinda-Tasia-Carrie (or Daughtry) final 4. But I predict a Kelly-Constantine-Elliot-Carrie shootout based on your readers...

Keep up the fun work!