Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cute Boys of Pop Culture


New Zac Efron Photos: Shirtless and Ripped

NEW PHOTOS! Zac Efron Heads to Hawaii -- And Promptly Takes Off Shirt, Revealing CK Underwear

Watch the Trailer for 17 AGAIN, Starring Zac Efron, Matthew Perry and Hunter Parrish

BOLD PREDICTION: Zac Efron Will Receive a Golden Globe Nomination for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3

Jonas Brothers Show Off Their Asses In Super-Tight Jeans

When Did New Kids on the Block's Jordan Knight Get Such a Hot Body?

The OC's Benjamin McKenzie Gets Into Uniform For New Pilot

Tennis Player Rafael Nadal's Famous Butt -- Naked!


VIDEO: Mark Wahlberg Gets Briefs Torn Off By A Dog

Everwood Star Mike Erwin Shows His Butt on Dexter!

Joshua Jackson (Pacey!) Showed His Butt In a Movie!

Photo Flashback: Neil Patrick Harris Showed His Butt In a Movie!

Heroes Star Milo Ventimiglia Showed His Butt In A Movie!

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Parrish Shows Butt Again in WEEDS Season Finale

Photos: Mario Lopez Posing Half-Naked as Marky Mark, Brad Pitt, Burt Reynolds and Christopher Atkins

What Happened to Jason Priestly? He's a Hairy Monster!

Weeds' Hunter Parrish Finally Shows His Ass!

Big Brother 10's Jessie Models in the Nude

New Zac Efron Beach Photos!

All David Beckham Underwear Pics in One Place

Yes, More Zac Efron -- Shirtless and Wet

Zac Efron Rolling Stone Cover

Lots of Ryan Phillippe Goodness -- Pics, Trailer of New Movie and More

John Mayer Shows Off His 'Wonderland' of a Body

Things Get Hot on Make Me a Supermodel

Heath Ledger: A Photo Retrospective

Zac Efron Shows Off His Blue Underwear

Broadway's Cheyenne Jackson Showing What He's Got Going On Underneath the Short Shorts

A Look Behind...At Ryan Phillippe's Fine, Fine Butt!

A Retrospective on Marky Mark

Patrick Dempsey Lookin' Hot for Versace

Thank God He's of Age! Chris Brown Shows What He's Got

Ryan Reynolds Shows His Manly Side

Grey's Anatomy's Eric Dane Gets McSteamy for Flaunt Magazine

Three Questions About Dreamy Paul Rudd

Jake Gyllenhaal Sports a Neck Tattoo

Appreciating Christian Bale's Body...Of Work

Jared Leto Makes Out With Paris Hilton -- Remember When He Was Hot?

Prince William Gets into Uniform

Poll: Which Gossip Girl Guy is the Hottest?

Celebrity Crush: Weeds' Justin Kirk

Dancing with the Stars' Maks Broods for the Camera

Where is Queer as Folk's Charlie Hunnam?

Yet Another Beckahm Underwear Picture (The Third!)

Where is CK Model Travis Fimmel?

New, Different David Beckham Underwear Ad!

Parting Shots of Beautiful Neil Haskell

Wentworth Miller Gives Good Face

Ten Favorite Reality Show Contestants: SYTYCD's Travis Wall at #7

Youtube Video: Zac Efron Gets Down to "Soulja Boy"

Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford Takes it Off!

Colin Farrell Hits the Field -- And Looks Hot Doing It!

Celebrity Crush: Friday Night Lights' Zach Gilford

Reliving the SYTYCD Tour -- 20+ Photos!

David Beckham's Armani Underwear Ad Revealed!

Daniel Craigs Vows to Go Nude in Next James Bond Film

Is Mario Lopez' Body Even Real??

Great Performances: Emile Hirsch in Into the Wild

How Cute is TR Knight??

Jake Gyllenhaal is Smokin' Hot in Interview Magazine

Celebrity Crush: Hugh Dancy

Cute Boy Face-Off: Scott Speedman vs. Scott Foley

New Celebrity Crush: Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley

New Celebrity Crush: James McAvoy

Andy Roddick Heats Up the US Open

Someone Please Write a Movie Musical For Justin Timberlake

Zac Efron Shows Off His Guns

Zac Efron Yearbook Photos Through the Years

Time Magazine Investigates How Zac Efron Became the 'Cutest Guy Ever'

I Officially Have David Beckham Fever

David Beckham -- Mmmmmmm

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