Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ok, I'll Say It -- The New Judges Save/Sing-For-Your-Life Is Icky!

As if it wasn't bad enough that America voted off the talented and lovely Alexis Grace on last night's American Idol, leaving the far less talented Michael Sarver in the competition and on the tour, the poor girl wasn't even allowed to exit the show with dignity. Instead, she was forced to "sing for her life," while the judges decided whether or not she was worthy of using their "save" on.


Now, I can't say I disagree with the judges' choice not to use the save, but forcing Alexis to desperately make her case, just moments after being told she received the fewest amount of votes in the Top 11, was just wrong. What happened to the lovely send-off video and kind words from the judges? Gone. Instead, she had to plead her case to the judges via the very song they said they don't think she should have chosen, and then listen to Simon tell her "You were good, but not good enough."

I repeat -- gross!!

There's got to be a better way for the end of the show to go down, right? Right????


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you. The "save" was just a bunch of b.s.
They are saving the "save" for someone like Danny or Adam or Matt.
I continue to watch the show and love it so I shouldn't complain. But I still don't like alot of things they do like this for example. I happen to like Michael and I did not like the way it was done whereby he thought he was safe when Alexis was called down - the poor guy sat down thinking he was safe only to be told to get up and join Alexis.

Sue said...

I agree. It's brutal.

It humiliates the contestant and is a major downer for the audience.

This one was particularly bad. Ryan had already told other contestants they had made the tour. If the judges gave Alexis a second chance, they had the choice between reneging on the promise to another contestant or possibly having an odd number on tour.

Given the rumors that Alexis, Adam, Danny and Lil were the judges' picks for the final 4, I think it would have been extremely difficult for the judges to have saved Alexis this week.

I fail to understand why anyone thought this change was necessary or appropriate. If the judges use the privilege, it makes the contest looked rigged. If they don't, everyone looks lame. And in the end, it is highly unlikely that the saved contestant will reach the final 2. If a contestant doesn't reach the final 2, he or she still has to make their own record deals.

Of the contestants Ryan mentioned could have been saved by the rule, only Jennifer Hudson and Michael Johns were eligible. The judges wouldn't have saved Jennifer Hudson as it obviously put LaToya and Fantasia at increased risk in the next round. Even if Michael Johns had been saved, he couldn't have reached the final 2.

I don't like the dance for your life on Dancing with the Stars either. Watching the 2 worst dancers repeat their performances is not a treat for the viewer. Given the injuries this season, it seems to me that surviving couple could better use their time recouperating or learning skills to apply to other dances.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why they have to sing at all anyway. If American voted her off, why do we want to hear her sing again? Obviously, we didn't like it the first time

Anonymous said...

Too add to the indignity of the whole thing, remember, too that she was singing for her life and yet judges were only HALF watching her and half whispering to each other. Oh the humanity!

Conservative Democrat said...

My prediction who goes home tonight: either Michael or Scott.

You can expect more guys to GO HOME in the following weeks.

Allison could win this thing if she keeps doing great performance every week.