Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random American Idol Musings: Adam, Kris, Matt, Lil, Anoop and Ricky (!!)

Since I've been MIA since the start of Idol season, I thought I'd share some thoughts from the past couple of months:

  • Though I don't think she's offered anything particularly noteworthy thus far, I'm kinda digging Kara DioGuardi. In fact, I'd give Randy Jackson the boot and keep Kara!
  • Is it just me, or has Ryan Seacrest been looking kinda cute this season?
  • While I was diggin' on Matt Giraud during Hollywood week, I'm already over him. Note to Matt: smugness ain't pretty.
  • I miss Ricky Braddy already. That kid could sing!
  • Lil Rounds is gonna have to really blow it out to live up to that Fantasia/Mary J Blige connection. So far I'm just not seeing it.
  • I have a huge crush on Chris Richardson...I mean Kris Allen. He's dreamy!
  • I think Adam Lambert has a sick voice, and unlike some of the judges, I couldn't be happier to have a Broadway belter on the show.
  • I think Anoop is totally likable and charming, but I can't help remembering he comes from a college a capella group, and that makes me nervous. Just saying.
  • Michael Sarver does absolutely nothing for me. Ditto Jorge Nunez and Scott Macintyre.

Of course I'm leaving out about 10K other thoughts I've had, but this is all I can thing of right now. More, surely, to come.

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