Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Back -- For Real This Time

I took some time away. And now I'm back.

Here's the thing -- after two years of writing this blog, it was sometimes feeling a bit like an obligation. And, as I wrote at the beginning of this year, my professional and personal lives are quite busy right now, so the blog got pushed to the back burner.


Since this season of American Idol began, I have been desperately missing my outlet -- my chance to share my crazy thoughts about this crazy show. I've also been searching for intelligent commentary on the show, and found it VERY difficult to find. I love Michael Slezak over at Entertainment Weekly, and Joesplacebog.com has good spoilers, but where are all the fun lists? The fascinating analyses?

Now, I am definitely NOT trying to say that every word I type is sheer brilliance -- far from it. But I missed writing about the show (and other shows, like The Biggest Loser -- which I am LOVING -- Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, Amazing Race and more), and I missed the comments and dialogue with my readers.

I may not post as often as I once did, but from here on out I plan to share at least some of my thoughts with you all.


lauren said...

i'm glad you're back!

Kristin said...

You kidding? You totally radiate sheer brilliance!