Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yes, More Zac Efron -- Shirtless and Wet!

Okay, clearly I'm obsessed with Zac Efron. I can't remember the last time a heartthrob emerged in this way (was it Justin Timberlake back in the 'nysnc days, perhaps?) Between Hairspray and High School Musical, this kid is everywhere -- and I can't get enough!

I read somewhere (I think Rolling Stone) that one in every three teenage girls has a poster of him in his room. I'm not surprised.

The picture above appears in the current issue of US Weekly -- as a centerfold. I mean!!


Anonymous said...

OMG...i am so obsessed with zach efron..every time i see him i get this feeling in my stomach. he is soooo freakin HOTT. i would go crazy if i ever got to meet him..i love him sooo much..if he was to touch me or anything..or if he would sign my stomach i would never was it off..

Anonymous said...

I hate zac he barely can sing so im sure they tweek it in the recording studio.:-(