Wednesday, August 08, 2007

SYTYCD Schedule Changes for Final Week

All summer long, Wednesday and Thursdays have been So You Think You Can Dance nights. With only eight days until the winner of Season 3 is announced, the schedule is a-changin'.

Due to NFL pre-season BS, there will be no results show tomorrow night. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Instead, Monday at 8PM will feature the results of tonight's Top 6 performances. Next Wednesday (8/15) will be a 2 hour performance finale, and in a 2 hour episode next Thursday (8/16) the winner will be announced.


Anyone else freaking out about having to wait 4 days to see who has made it to the Top 4?

And will the finalists find out earlier than Monday, so they have more than 48 hours to prepare for their final dances?

So many questions!!


Drew said...

This is so lame. If the finals are anything like last year, I cannot see how they could delay giving them the dances. There is just too much to learn and practice in that short period.

Lisa said...

If I had to guess, they'll probably tape the results show tomorrow and just not air it until next week. Which means, watch out for elimination spoilers until then, for those that don't want to get spoiled.

There is NO WAY they would just give them only 2 days to prepare for the finale.