Friday, August 24, 2007

Jessica Wins More of My Love -- And HOH!

There's no stopping this year's blonde bombshell on Big Brother!

No, I'm not talking about shady, manipulative Daniele, I'm talking about Jessica! For the second time in three weeks, the diminutive sorority girl has won HOH -- and I couldn't be happier!

In the past I've tried to analyze my love for Jessica, but now I just embrace it. How fun was it to watch her beat Dick, Zach and Eric in the HOH competition? Eric thinks he knows everything about this game, but he overthinks himself to death when it comes to the competitions, while Jess relaxes, breathes, and cruises to victory. Gotta love it!

So who is she gonna put up? With only 6 houseguests to choose from (Amber, Jameka, Zach, Daniele, Dick, and Eric), her options are pretty limited. Zach, I'd guess, would be a shoo-in to go up on the block -- he doesn't have anyone else, and no one really likes him too much, so she wouldn't be pissing anyone off by nominating him. But who will sit next to the bunny suit-obsessed guy?

I'd imagine she won't put up Eric -- they are thick as thieves, and it would definitely not be in her best interest to alienate her closest alliance member at this point in the game. She and Eric also have an arrangement with Daniele and Dick -- will she stick to it? Or will she nominate her former alliance members Amber and Jameka?

I'm guessing it'll be Zach and Amber who go up on the block, especially since Jameka still has 2 weeks where she can't compete in HOH competitions. But don't be surprised if one of the Donatos goes up in Amber's place, or is slipped in as a potential backdoor. Could Eric and Jessica really be that trusting of Dick and Daniele at this point?

I guess we'll see!

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