Friday, August 10, 2007

SYTYCD Top 6 -- Who is Going Home?

Well, it seems the cat will stay in the bag...for now.

The results show for the So You Think You Can Dance top 6 was filmed last night, but before the eliminated contestants were revealed, the studio audience was asked to leave the studio. Which means we'll be waiting until Monday to find out who this year's Top 4 are.

That's not gonna stop me from speculating in the meantime, though! Here are my thoughts on who will be eliminated this week.

Eliminated Girl: Lauren Gotleib
Though she did everything in her power to save herself, including dancing a fantastic solo, and was fortunate enough to be a part of yet another Mia Michaels masterpiece, I think Lauren's time on the show has come to an end. She's been hanging in by a very thin thread for the past several weeks, and facing off against the very popular Sabra and Lacey does not bode well for the smiley teenager.

Having said that, a less-than-impressive solo from Lacey puts her in more danger than she's been in all season. Still -- it'd be a shock (and a shame) if Lauren wasn't the one to go.

Eliminated Boy: Pasha Kovalev
This one is nearly impossible to call, as all three guys are fantastic dancers and have pretty sizable fanbases. In fact, the smallest fanbase probably belongs to the dancer with the most talent -- Danny Tidwell. Will his lack of personality and perceived arrogance bite him in the ass at this very late juncture (a la Season 1's Blake), or will the magnificence of his solo and Mia Michaels performances catapult him to the finals? The fact that he avoided a Bottom 2 finish last week leads me to believe he is picking up a bit of momentum, and that'll put him into the Top 4.

While Pasha has proven himself more versatile over the weeks than Neil, the shrieks and screams from the audience whenever the blonde, hairless wonder appears on stage indicate he's got a pretty loyal following. And I think Neil's Bottom 2 appearance last week will have actually helped him -- people knew he was in danger, and they likely swarmed the phones to show their support.

Which means the Russian ballroom dancer will be the one to go.

Waiting until Monday is going to be torture!!!!!!!!!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Lauren and Pasha should be worried?

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ohkatiegee said...

I have to disagree with you. Although I love Danny, I think he'll be the one to go. I honestly don't think Pasha is going anywhere this week. He's never had a bad dance, and people love him, including me (he is my favorite). So what if he is best at ballroom? Danny is best at contemporary, but seriously lacks in the hip hop and ballroom area. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. I wish them all luck. Except for Neil. I CAN"T STAND HIM!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your predictions, but I am hoping Sabra leaves. She is so annoying and I think that the only reason people are voting for her now is because the judges keep praising her. Whenever the judges started praising Lacey everybody said that they were doing favoritism or w/e. So I am hoping Sabra goes, but I agree with your predictions.

Anonymous said...

It better not be Danny going. It's like America has a problem with brilliant dancers. I believe Danny is at exactly the same place Blake was when he went, so it makes me very nervous. I'd be extremely shocked if Lauren doesn't get cut.

Drew said...

I agree with you about Lauren. I, for one, did not think that she was that great in the Disco. It seems that she over extends herself on some movements and loses her balance a bit. This was evident on the Disco and, to a lesser extent, in the solo (which I thought was really good otherwise).

Though I think that Lacey was actually the weakest in some respects this week, I think that her fan base will get her through.

I think Sabra is the top girl this year.

With regard to the men, I am torn. I think any could go this week. Danny is the best male dancer by far, but I am not sure that his support is that deep or growing. Pasha has shown his ability to dance many different styles, but the solo might have been a bit weird for some. I think Neil has underperformed much of the season, but he has had some recent moments of brilliance (the Mia Michaels piece last week and the Mandy Moore piece this week). However, after being in the bottom two last week (which surprised me greatly), I am just not sure that his support is that deep. You may well be correct that his followers will be mobilized to vote for him. However, while I will not be surprised at the result no matter who leaves, I think it will be Neil that leaves.

Anonymous said...

I have heard many different theories.

1. Lauren and Danny leaving.
2. Lauren and Pasha
3. Lauren and Neil
4. Lacey and Neil
and 5. No one knows. It is sworn to secrecy.

As for me, I hope it's # 2. I just love Neil, Danny and Sabra too much for them to be let go.

Nancy - Miami FL said...

i want
and SABRA winning this year