Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Fallout From the Jen and Dick Fight -- A Penalty Nomination!

Well, I guess that answers the question I posed in my post Big Brother Uncensored -- What a Joke.

It seems Jen has received a "penalty nomination" for eating real food when she is supposed to be on slop. Apparently, this is the first time in Big Brother history that someone has violated the rules in this way. The "penalty nomination" means that if Jen survives this week's vote, she will automatically be put up on the block next week and she may not compete in a PoV competition. (Is she ineligible for HOH? Not sure.)

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. This could change everything this week, as keeping Jen around, knowing that she will automatically be on the block next week, could definitely be in the best interest of the remaining houseguests. Which means Jameka, who had previously seemed like the smallest threat (considering she still can't compete in HOH competitions for the next 3 weeks) could find herself walking out the door on Thursday night.


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Ladyapple said...

So you break the rules and you get to stay another week?!!! How unfair is that? I have no pity for Jameka, who has played poorly if at all, but why should she be punished for doing every thing right, for forcing down that slop when everyone knows how hard it is for her. Jen should be thrown out of the house now for instigating a physical fight.

Anonymous said...

So Jen gets a pen nom, big deal, but if Justin from BB2 can yell, threaten and then jokingly (in a very sick way) pull a knife on Krista and get kicked out then what about Dick, yelling, threatening (in a very sick jokingly way)and pulling a burning cig on Jen???