Thursday, August 16, 2007

Now For The Hard Part -- Who Is Going To Win SYTYCD?


I've recapped and ranked last night's performances (click here)

I've given my Idol Thoughts endorsement (click here)

So what's next? Oh yeah -- figuring out who is actually going to take home the prize.

After much deliberation, here is how I think it is going to play out...

Fourth Place: Lacey Schwimmer
How could the girl who has never been in the Bottom 2 or 3 finish in only 4th place? Part of the problem may be that Lacey is too good, too consistent -- the audience may have started to take for granted that she was going to deliver excellence almost every performance. The other part of the problem is that Lacey's solos have been borderline terrible, and her final showing, the Lindy Hop, was an amateurish disaster. She would be a deserving winner, but I'm afraid she's going to have to settle for 4th place.

Third Place: Neil Haskell
Like Nigel said, Neil peaked at the right time, and if the screaming girls had their say, Neil would definitely be the champion. He's got a shot, but I think he's going to come up short -- gorgeous and talented as he may be, he doesn't have the technical chops of Danny or the joyful spirit of Sabra, so I'm guessing he's gonna miss out on a Top 2 finish.

Second Place: Sabra Johnson
Sabra is a true joy to watch, and everyone I know who watches this show absolutely adores her. If there is going to be a female winner this year, it will almost undoubtedly be her. However, I think she dropped the ball last night -- her solo and hip-hop were just-ok, and while she was great in both the jazz and cha cha, she didn't seem to sparkle like she has been the last week. Still, don't count the little spitfire out.

First Place: Danny Tidwell
Yes, I may be biased, since I also gave Danny the Idol Thoughts Endorsement, but I think he was so mind-bogglingly spectacular last night that he may just have propelled himself to victory. That solo!! I mean!! We all know the "best dancer" isn't the one who wins, but I think in this case he just might.

What do you think? Who's gonna win this thing?

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Anonymous said...

I have it exactly the way you do. Hope we're both right.


Anonymous said...

Hey Idol Thoughts, IT IS A GIRL'S YEAR.

Get used to seeing either Sabra or Lacey win the SYTYCD crown tonight, finally ending the good ole boy network after 2 years.

You watch, I'll be right when Sabra or Lacey win.

Paul in the CA Desert said...

last night's show seemed clearly aimed at making Lacey the winner. I've been in ballroom dancing for 20 years and it simply isn't credible to say that the Viennese Waltz and Lindy Hop are foreign to Lacey. Poor Sabra gets hip hop and cha cha, neither are showcasing styles for her.

And then you get Mary who can't hide her bias and attempts to have her ballroom dancers win.

I think it should be Sabra or Danny who wins and if Lacey should win then I won't be that disappointed. But I wish the show would give us an equal footing on which to evaluate everyone.

IsadoraDuncan said...

Lacey would never have gotten this far were it not for the good will created by Benji. She is a trained dancer. Anyone skilled in latin (which includes jive - a cousin of lindy) has also learned the smooth dances (including Viennese).

Sabra has been dancing 4 years - without ballroom training - and inhales every new dance. She is beautiful and magical and deserves to win this.

Of course, if this thing were judged on talent and skill then Danny would win - hands down. But he hasn't been liked as well.

Neil is a wonderful dancer and I hope to see him perform someday.

Anonymous said...

Sabra is my fave by far. However, my daughter loves Lacey. I agree that Neil is a doll baby, but truth be told Danny is the best dancer of the lot. Listening to the interview portion last night he seems to be the one who really loves dancing. The others didn't seem near as sincere to me.