Friday, August 10, 2007

Burning Questions About Big Brother

I'm not proud to admit it, but I'm more invested in Big Brother than ever -- this show just has a way of sucking me in, and with a house full of loonier-than-usual contestants this season, I can't look away!

A few words on last night's show -- I'm VERY glad Eric stayed and Kail was finally shown the door; I'm VERY glad Jessica won HOH (she may be my favorite houseguest -- at least for the moment); and I'm VERY glad Dick appears as though he is headed toward the exit.

Having said that, I've got a few burning questions -- if anyone can provide answers, I'm happy to hear 'em!

-Why didn't CBS feel the need to read the statement about Amber's anti-semitic comments they released (which can be read here) on the live show last night?

-Why hasn't CBS shown us the duplicitous side of Eric before? That was pretty nasty, threatening to use Amber's secrets against her. Are they trying to force us to love and root for America's Player?

-What happened in between Amber's huge blowout, and the vote that allowed Eric to stay in the house? This one I can kind of answer -- Dustin, Amber, Jameka and Jess realized they needed to get Dick and Daniele out of the house, and with Jameka unable to compete in the next 4 HOH's, they need Eric for the numbers game. But still -- there had to have been some conversations following Amber's huge emotional explosion -- was that not worthy of being seen on tv?

-How did Jessica become my favorite player? I hated her and her squeaky voice the first week of the show!

-Is Daniele really feeling closer to Dick, or is she simply using him for the game? And what will become of Daniele if Dick gets the boot this week?

That's about it for now -- all answers (or thoughts) welcome!

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Kelly said...

CBS also failed to show us the results of the latest America's Player task, as Eric was supposed to "incessantly flatter" someone. Apparently whatever America chose for him worked, or at least didn't hurt!

Anonymous said...

What happened between Wednesday night and the eviction that allowed Eric to stay in the house was diary room session where BB convinced Amber and Jamika that it was in their best interest to keep Eric. They even admitted it. Jen said BB was trying to convince her to keep Eric too!
That's a bunch of crap. They shouldn't be allowed to manipulate the game like that.

Anonymous said...

What did Eric say after the eviction last night? something about him being America's Choice? I never chose him. He is a liar and a manipulator. Yes it is a game, and you do need to lie to stay off the chopping block (so all past HG's have said), but none to the degree in which he has done. Where are the twists this year? Please do not tell me that CBS could only come up with some "Eric". The should have polled America to get thoughts and feed back and what they would like to see, or what they would do if they could change BB.
Here is my twist, now that the newest formed group thinks that they are all safe, it is time to mix it up a bit. Bring some more people from other HG's past, or what would even be great to see, lets see Jannelle return! Nominees should get a chance to vote to keep themselves in the house. Kind of defeats the purpose of the house voting the nominees out, if they all form an alliance. Keep it interesting CBS, change the rules up! I don't want to hear how you have spent millions of dollars working on this "America's Player". Why would we want to see him go all the way, when he is earning money in the house for completing tasks? Well that is just my two cents worth, just my opinion.

Anonymous said...