Thursday, August 30, 2007

Movies Opening This Weekend: Halloween, Balls of Fury, Death Sentence, The Nines

This is a new weekly feature on Idol Thoughts that will lay out the movies opening in the upcoming weekend, along with director, cast, and links to reviews and trailers.

Idol Thoughts says: If I was going to check out one of these flicks this weekend, it would probably be The Nines, which is from the writer of the classic LA rave movie Go. Vigilante thriller Death Sentence also looks interesting, but it has yet to be reviewed by any major publication.

Directed by: Rob Zombie
Starring: Malcolm McDowell
Click here for Variety review
Click here for trailer

Balls of Fury
Directed by: Ben Garant
Starring: Dan Fogler, George Lopez, Christopher Walken, Maggie Q, Aisha Tyler
Click here for Entertainment Weekly review
Click here for trailer

The Nines
Directed by: John August
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Hope Davis
Click here for Variety review
Click here for trailer

Death Sentence
Directed by: James Wan
Starring: Kevin Bacon, Kelly Preston
Click here for trailer

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