Friday, August 17, 2007

Is America's Player Going To Win Big Brother?

For the past two weeks now, I've been convinced that America is trying to sabotage Big Brother's Eric, America's Player. How else to explain instructing him to nominate Dustin and then give his closest ally, Jessica, the silent treatment for 24 hours. Not to mention the stray votes that nearly got Eric kicked off a couple of weeks back.

But now I'm thinking perhaps America is smarter than they (collectively) look. Could America really guide Eric to a victory in this game?

While the idea of getting rid of Dustin, one of Eric's closest friends in the house, at at first screamed "terrible idea," Eric was able to work with what he was given to put himself into a pretty solid position. By forming an alliance with Dick and Daniele, and bringing my beloved Jessica along for the ride, he may have guaranteed himself a spot in the Final 4. The truth is, Dustin was going to get in his way, and had it come down to a final four of Eric, Dustin, Amber and Jameka, Eric would have easily been the odd man out. Now, if Amber goes this week (which she should), Jameka will be defenseless, since there are still 3 HOH competitions that she is unable to compete in. That leaves just Zach and Jen, who could become more dangerous later in the game, but at the moment are just about good for nothing.

And oh yeah, Dick and Daniele -- easily the most entertaining (and at times maddening) duo on the show. I love what Eric said about "honor among thieves" -- who better to trust than someone you don't trust at all?

The one flaw in this plan for Eric, however, is that he is not earning himself any favor on the jury. I find it hard to believe he would get Dustin's vote at this point, and if Amber does go this week I'd say her vote is a lost cause as well. His best bet? Going up against Dick in the final 2.

What do you think? Is America trying to sabotage it's player, or are they trying to strategically guide him to victory?

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I loved his speech about "honor among thieves"


Kelly said...

I think Eric was just able to turn an attempted sabotage by America into something good for him. Watching America's Player cry to Kail and try to get Jen nominated was not good TV. Watching him weasel his way out of stuff is good TV.

Of course, I like Eric and would rather try to help him along. Apparently I am in the minority.

Sarah said...

Your comment on Eric winning hit right on to what I was thinking. First, I am for the most part, an overall fan of Dick's and have to agree that yes, he definitely crossed the line with his behavior. With that said, I am realistic as to looking at the overall picture on who the better player is in my opinion. Last night it came to me that Eric has had to maneuveur through some very tricky situations considering it was not him, but America making his decision(s) for him. It's placed him in a very solid position and when I looked at the players as individuals and their gameplay, it came to me, as you stated, that Eric could very well win this, especially seated next to ED.

Sue said...

I don't think Eric as America's player can or will win. This is too bad because if he weren't America's player he would have had an excellent chance to win.

I think the public is curious to see how far Dick will go and is backing him for his entertainment value. Of course, they're not in the house living with Dick. Dick's worst antics have been edited or censored for the CBS show.

Unfortunately, I think the game is now the Donatos game as Dick is playing in what he thinks is in his daughter's best interest and the 2 of them are masters at the competitions.

A number of the die-hard fans don't like America's choice. They feel either the concept or the execution has been bad and have worked to sabotage Eric votes.

I feel that you have to give Eric a lot of credit for turning lemons into lemonade and trying to do his best to have a more viable longterm strategy than voting against his interests.

Eric's skill this week has temporarily appeased America and they may give him an easier time. I want to see what happens when his interests can't be aligned with the Donatos.

If Jen goes this week, my guess is that Papa Donato tosses Eric next week if he can. That way Dick gets rid of the 2 most dangerous players in the game. Otherwise, all bets are off.

By the way, once Jen, Eric and Jessica are gone, so am I.

Sue said...

I find it interesting that Eric has yet to play for Power of Veto. It's pretty far into the game. The odds of that happening without intervention by Big Brother are pretty amazing.