Friday, August 24, 2007

Has Big Brother's Daniele Been Dumped?

An instant message from my friend Nick this morning got me thinking...has Big Brother's Daniele been dumped?

As we all know (well, all of us Big Brother watchers, at least), Daniele, despite having a long-term boyfriend at home, had a four-week flirtation going on with her fellow houseguest Nick. An interview with her boyfriend Chris confirmed what most viewers can imagine -- it's gotta be hard to watch the person you love flirt (and more) with a studly professional athlete.

But we haven't heard about Chris in a while. Consider the evidence:

-When Daniele won HOH last week, there were no pictures of Chris.

-In addition, the letter from a loved one came not from Chris, but from Nick. And it was a girly love letter, no less!

-While Amber has a relative acting as her lifeline on The Power of 10, Daniele has...Nick. Was Chris asked and declined, or did Big Brother decided on it's own that it would be more entertaining to have Nick there? And did ya notice -- the caption under Nick's name was "Daniele's BB8 Boyfriend." Hmmmmmm.

I hope he's worth totally having mucked up her relationship. Quite frankly, I can't imagine he is.


Anonymous said...

I have been watching some of the older feeds between Daniele and Nick and I have to say that the more I watch, the more I think Daniele is pretty immature for Nick. Nick seems very itelligent and he was talking to Daniele, honestly the way I alk to my husband sometimes. Saying, "you know?" and not getting any response back. Gets old after a while when it's a one sided conversation. One feed I was watching with Nick and Daniele in the storage room, Nick was talking about his reasons for telling Daniele something and getting upset that she questionned him. Daniele just kept standing there going, "I don't understand you. You flip out when I ask you a question." And Nick was way past that point in the conversation (at least from what I see). Then she kept saying, "Are you going to be nice to me?". It just reminded me of something an immature girl would say, rather than, finish the conversation out. I guess when I was listening to his reasoning and comments I understood what he was saying, but it was like Daniele wasn't really listening and just focusing on the origianl reaction by Nick.

Anonymous said...

I've watched from day one and couldn't care less about Danielle and Nick. The comments Danielle continually makes about her housemates leaves me to think she's not worth much of anyone's time or energy.D

ZZ8 said...

I have been watching BB8 since day one and all I have to say is that Daniele has A LOT of growing up to do before she gets involved with ANYONE. Her boyfriend, Chris, would be smart to have dumped her. She totally disrespected him with her behavior with Nick.....even though this is a game. As for Nick, I sadly think he would be miserable with Daniele. She's too self-centered and not too smart. I'm sure her constant whinning would eventually wear thin on Nick's nerves. He has too much good going for him. It would be ashame for him to settle with that trash. And to think of having Dick as a father-in-law. I'm sure Nick's family would be very embarassed to have D&D in their family. I would.