Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Wire Star Lance Reddick Gets Lost

This bit of casting news probably won't mean much to the 99% of the population that are foolishly not watching HBO's The Wire, which is hands-down the best show on television, but for those who care...

Michael Ausiello from is reporting that The Wire star Lance Reddick, who plays Lt. Daniels on the Baltimore crime drama, will play the recurring role of a corporate recruiter on the upcoming season of ABC's Lost. According to Ausiello, the casting notice for the role read "a very tall and thin corporate recruiter who is smart, capable and ruthless. He may smile and his words may sound soothing but their effect can send chills up your spine."

Sounds like Reddick to me!

Now, does anyone know when Season 4 of The Wire comes out on DVD??

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