Friday, August 03, 2007

Dominic and Sara Run Out of Tricks on SYTYCD

What a strange ride Dominic had on this season of So You Think You Can Dance. When the show started this year he seemed destined to be a one-trick wonder who would last at most a few weeks, especially since we've all seen what's happened in the past to B-boys on the show. But something funny happened along the way -- he got good. Like, really good. He nailed contemporary. He nailed the rumba. And all of a sudden, it seemed like he might go all the way in this competition.

Alas, that is not to be. After a couple of shaky weeks, the man known as D-Trix was sent packin' last night, along with fellow breaker Sara, who herself has had quite a remarkable journey. Billed as the only female dancer with no training (which may or may not actually be true), she pretty much nailed every style of dance that was thrown at her, completely obliterating her "exclusively a B-girl" image. Despite having less technical acumen, she was dazzling almost every week, and I am genuinely sad to see her go.

Especially when Lauren, who despite stepping up her game the past few weeks has still yet to really shine, is still around. After three straight near-eliminations, Lauren should feel very, very lucky to still be around.

As for Dominic, thought, it was his time to go. His personality, which could be charming at times, had crossed the line into a bit of obnoxiousness (leave Kat alone!), and while his solo was probably the most dynamic of the bunch, he just doesn't have the chops or versatility of Danny, Neil or Pasha. Still, a job well done, and several of his dances with Sabra will be remembered as some of the best of the season.

Time to start gettin' psyched for next week's Top 6!!

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