Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Spoilers for this Week's SYTYCD Top 6

After a short sabbatical, Idol Thoughts is back, and our first post of the week is...SPOILERS!!!

Don't read 'em if you want to be surprised!!

1) Pasha and Lacey
Hip hop
Smooth Waltz

2) Danny and Lauren
Contemporary (Mia Michaels!)

3) Sabra and Neil
Paso Doble



Drew said...

I think that they did a good job of mixing it up this week.

For the boys, I think that this will be a tough week for Pasha. I do not expect much from his hip hop, and while I expect his waltz to be wonderful, I doubt that it will motivate people to call.

Someone loves Danny. He will shine with Mia Michaels, and I think his Disco will be fine. With the Disco, though, a lot will depend on Lauren. It could be a train wreck given the partnering required (and I don't see Lauren keeping up or on her feet). If she stumbles, this could doom Danny as well.

Neil should do well with Jazz. I think he will flop horribly in Paso Doble. If he can pull that one off, he may well make the finals. However, I question whether his fan base is that strong given what I thought was a surprise bottom two after the Mia Michaels piece last week. However, the scare may be enough to get his fans to call non-stop to keep him alive.

For the girls, the styles seem to suit Lacey the least. Her past Hip Hop has been just okay, and having Pasha with her probably will not help. Smooth waltz should be great. However, I think she has a loyal fan base that will get her through to the next round.

With Lauren's luck over the past many weeks, she needs to run to Vegas and put it all down on black. The luck continues with the first dance. I expect Mia Michaels to bring out some good things in her. The luck may come to an end during the second dance. As mentioned above, though, I think that disco will be tough.

Sabra can do anything. However, Neil may bring the second one down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Go Sabra and Pasha - my two favorites!!!!