Thursday, August 02, 2007

SYTYCD Top 8 - Rankings and Recap

You may have seen my post from last night about the genius of Mia Michaels, which also included my personal endorsement for who should win this year's competition. But that certainly doesn't tell the whole story of last night's show...there were also nonsensical and long-winded ramblings from guest judge Adam Shenkman, a kiss between Lauren and Dominic, and tears from Nigel and Mary.

Here, as always, are my rankings for the evening's performances.

1. Neil and Lacey, Contemporary
I said most of what there is to say about this here. Absolutely brilliant.

2. Sabra and Pasha, Broadway
Such energy! It was a great song to dance to, and these two more than met the tone set by the pulsing music, performing with a showmanship I didn't know either possessed. It seems Sabra can do just about anything, and Pasha's versatility is truly remarkable.

3. Sabra and Pasha, Quickstep
Yep, they had the 1-2 punch last night, with not one but two high energy numbers. They flew around the stage during this one, with Sabra seeming at times like she was floating. Loved it.

4. Lacey and Neil, Latin Jazz
When jazz combines with the Latin styles, magic can happen (think Heidi and Ryan's African Rumba last season). This number didn't have quite the spunk of previous jazz hybrid triumphs, but it was well performed by the pair (not to mention Neil's body is out of control). I think the judges (or "jidges," as Kat might say) were spot-on in suggesting that Lacey performs out to the audience, while Neil was very focused on her. It's one of the only things she needs to work on.

5. Sara and Danny, Argentine Tango
Ivan and Allison tore up the Argentine Tango last season, making the viewer believe they were really playing this sexy cat-and-mouse game with each other. Sara and Danny, on the other hand, looked gorgeous, and Danny's spins are undeniably thrilling, but there was no heat and no fire.

6. Lauren and D-Trix, Rumba
Okay, let's get the dancing out of the way -- I'd give it a solid "B," but it was nowhere near as hot as D-Trix's earlier rumba with Sabra. But now let's get to the real juice -- the kiss. My take is that the kiss was not planned or rehearsed, and that Dominic threw it in at the last moment. It was so awkward, because it seemed like Lauren was slightly caught off guard by it, and didn't know if she should kiss him back. They are both hot, but I don't need to see them making out -- they are already wearing skimpy outfits and grinding up on each other, let's leave a little bit to the imagination.

7. Sara and Danny, Hip Hop
Embarrassing. Maybe it was the costumes, but I couldn't take this dance seriously. Sorry Shane.
8. Lauren and D-Trix, Krump
Also embarrassing. There was no power, and no synchronicity, in this performance.

Here are my individual rankings:
1. Lacey
2. Sabra
3. Pasha
4. Neil
5. Danny
6. Sara
7. Lauren
8. Dominic

Check back in a little bit for my predictions as to who will go home.

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Anonymous said...

Ok... First and foremost - totally agree with you on Lacey. She is amazing.

For Lauren and Dtrix and the kiss... Did they actually kiss... I saw that they got close and like they were in the heat of the moment? But I didn't think they actually kissed... As for the dance - how many times did Lauren's feet slip on the floor. And what about that fall that happend in the hip hop routine?

As for the Quickstep - that was great... but was I the only one that saw Sabra and Pasha sliping and sliding all around the stage?

Now I do have one other question... Mary Murphy? Nigel said she is going through something personal... anyone know what it?

Sean said...

I saw the kiss, they slo-moed it on the PVR. It was CLEARLY initiated by D-trix and when he tried to go back for a second lip mash It was clear that Lauren wasn't having it. My guess is that he got a little "bothered" by the number and she didn't return the feelings. She made it clear during the judges comments that it was unplanned and her face said unwanted.

Anonymous said...


Lynne said...

Here are my individual rankings:
1. Sabra
2. Sara
3. Danny
4. Lacy
5. Pasha
6. Lauren
7. Neal
8. Dominic

Nancy said...

SABRA should win it alll this year


if there is a guy i want NEIL

~charng said...

1. Danny
2. Sabra
3. Pasha
4. Lacey
5. Neil
6. Lauren

Anonymous said...

Um, in case your all wondering about Lauren and Dominic's kiss, they did do it, but it was because of the choreographers.If you don't believe me, go to youtube and try and find the Dominic and Sara interview. they talk about the kiss.