Monday, August 27, 2007

Big Brother's Eric and Jessica Kiss -- What Does This Mean For Their Game?

Big Brother's Eric and Jessica have shared their first kiss! Game on!

The question now becomes, how will this effect their respective games? Anyone who has watched Big Brother in the past knows that romance only complicates decisions made in the house. Season 5's Drew and Diane, anyone?

And how will the fact that Eric is America's Player factor into the equation? He is not the one making all the decisions about his fate in the house -- America could very easily get in the middle of this budding romance.

If things continue to heat up between the neurotic New Yorker and the blonde dancer, things will become especially complicated as the numbers continue to diminish. The truth is, Jessica is very well liked in the house, and could probably beat Eric in the finals. It would therefore be in Eric's best interest to take someone like Dick to the finals, meaning he could be in a position to have to evict Jessica.

Of course, many things could happen before that situation becomes a reality. But one thing is certain -- kisses, even when long-awaited and between kinda adorable people, don't always lead to happy endings in the Big Brother house!

Click here for the youtube video, but caution -- while the fact that they are kissing is sweet, watching it is a bit creepy. Just a heads up.

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