Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ok, I Cried at SYTYCD -- Sue Me

I don't know what it was, maybe it was the fact that all of the hooting and hollering of the studio audience was absent, but when it was announced that Pasha Kovalev would not be a part of this year's Top 4 on So You Think You Can Dance, I cried.

I didn't weep, I didn't hurl myself around, but a tear dripped down my face. While I'm not surprised that the show elicited emotion in me (please, its been doing it all season!), I was taken aback that it was Pasha's ouster that caused the display of waterworks. I had predicted he would be the one to go, and I do think Neil and Danny will make for a more entertaining male component of the finale, but the guy's been so charming, so versatile, and shown so much talent all season long that I couldn't help but feel a tinge of genuine sadness.

Alas, I wasn't as sorry to see Lauren's name called -- despite stepping up her game big time in the past couple of weeks, she just couldn't hold a candle to the wonders that are Sabra and Lacey. Lauren is actually the season's biggest disappointment to me -- I thought this girl was going to dazzle, but she only rarely really hit it out of the ballpark.

Looking forward to the finale (less than 48 hours away!), I'm thrilled we have such an extremely talented and dynamic group. Just thinking about combos is exciting -- Neil and Lacey (who wow'ed in their Mia Michaels number), Neil and Sabra (whose Mandy Moore office dance was incredible), Danny and Lacey (who killed their samba a few weeks ago), and then the three couples who have yet to dance together -- contemporary wunderkinds Sabra and Danny; Lacey and Sabra; and Neil and Danny (mmmmmmm).

I literally can't wait!!

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Nancy said...

my commmmment is

this year it's a girls' turn to win
and she will be


Lisa said...

I was teary eyed right along with you! I actually expected the final 2 boys to be Pasha and Neil. Not because Danny doesn't deserve to be there, I just wondered if his earlier shyness and lack of personality was going to hurt him when he's up against Pasha and Neil who have been charming viewers since Day One. Really, I would have been sad to see any of those three go because they all have something special about them and their dancing. And Nigel's words to Pasha were dead on. He truly is a charming gentleman.

As for Lauren... it was about time. *snorts* I felt she should have gone before Jaimie and Sara did, quite honestly.