Thursday, August 16, 2007

SYTYCD Top 4: Rankings and Recap

Well, that was a bit of a letdown.

Don't get me wrong -- there was some phenomenal dancing on last night's So You Think You Can Dance performance finale, and it is more unclear than ever who is going to win this thing. But still, I was hoping for more -- more excitement, more passion, more thrilling dance styles -- just more.

Let's discuss what we did get, though, as always in the form of rankings, first by couple, then by solo performance, and finally overall, which will lead to my official endorsement.

Here we go...

1. Lacey and Danny, Viennese Waltz
When the waltz is my favorite dance of the night, clearly the performers have done something right. This was amazing! These two glided around the stage, looking effortlessly elegant and transcendantly beautiful. I loved this routine.

2. Danny and Neil, Contemporary
I always love when the two boys dance together (Tranji, anyone?), and I was so excited to find out that my beloved Mia Michaels would be choreographing Danny and Neil's debut as a couple. This did not disappoint, with both boys going all-in on this athletic and character-driven number. I kinda wish there had been a bit more actual dancing, but it still worked for me. And then some.

3. Danny and Sabra, Cha Cha
These two were on fire! Between their fierce hip action and sharp movements, and chemistry (!), this was easily the hottest number of the night. Like the judges said, I wish we had a chance to see these two dance together more -- they made a great pair.

4. Lacey and Sabra, Jazz
Does Wade Robson have an animal fetish? Regardless, I enjoyed this number more than the judges did, but I have to agree that it didn't show off either girl to their very best. (The Season 1 Melody/Ashley combo, choreographed by Mia Michaels, is definitely the best girl/girl combo the show has ever had). I really gotta give it up to Lacey on this one -- the girl is a ballroom dancer, but you'd never know it from her stellar contemporary form. And Sabra was, as always, gorgeous.

5. Neil and Sabra, Hip Hop
Shane Sparks' routines have fallen short practically every time he has choreographed this season, and unfortunately this was no exception. It was boring! And neither Neil or Sabra really seemed like they were hitting the steps very hard or "in the pocket" of the music. Bummer.

6. Neil and Lacey, Lindy Hop
This was embarrassing. It's also unfortunate that it was their last performance of the season, because they looked like amateurs. While it's not entirely their fault (Lindy Hop, I gather, is a difficult dance to master), this was almost painful to watch.

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Sean said...

Overall I must admit that as finales go, it was pretty tame, although not boring. There certainly are a wealth of directions that it could go now especially based on the popularity front rather than the talent side.

I'll have to agree with you on the Waltz.. it was truely stunning.

I'm not sure why but I didn't find the contemporary routine all THAT wonderful. I thought the pacing of it was not up to Mia's finest levels and it showed Danny in a better light than Neil.

The cha-cha. yesa, well, it was.. hmm.. I finally realized my biggest problem with Sabra. For all her heaps of talent, she just doesn't seem to know how to look "sexy" She can dance like few others, and certainly has a good enough looking body. She just never seems to give off a sexy vibe. Danny no the other hand showed his hips know what they're doing.

The ladies Jazz: Are the judges on crack? The physicality and musoicality of tis piece with it's detailed bodily control and extreme charaterization. It was phemonenal and showed that both these girls are incredibly skilled and controlled. The dual cartwheel into leg frozen pose that was in perfect synchronicity was incredible. Maybe not my favorite dance of the night, but probably my second.

The hip hop. I'm not sure what sort of a period Shane is going through this year, but it's a shame. Last year I waited with baited breath each time he choreographed a routine, this year I cringe. I don't blame the dancers for this one. I hope Shane recoveres and is back on form next year.

Lindy Hop, I agree wholeheartedly with your description. The dancers had too many other routines and not enough time to really put their focus into this remarkably difficult dance. It should have been brilliant, instead it was embarrasing.

My preference to win: Danny
My Expectation to win: Neil

Anonymous said...

My rankings would be...
1. Danny & Neil
I actually liked Neil better in this routine. However, it was by far the best of the night.
2. Danny & Sabra
This was such a fun routine that also had good technique
3. Neil & Lacey
They executed this routine briliantly. The hardest routine of the night but they danced it perfectly. Lacey could have trusted Neil more though.
4. Danny & Lacey
I thought this routine was danced well but it wasn't very fun to watch.
5. Neil & Sabra
I really enjoyed their dancing but the choreography could have been better.
6. Sabra & Lacey
HORRIBLE. I could barely watch it all but then again I am not a fan of wade's choreography. It paled in comparison to everyone else's routines