Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Big Brother Uncensored - What a Joke

Every few days or so I'll tune into Big Brother After Dark so I can hear the dulcet tones of the houseguests' inane conversations as I'm drifting off to sleep. The show is billed as an uncensored look at what is happening in the house, what "the network can't show you."

Well, tonight we found out that uncensored doesn't mean squat. In the midst of an argument between Jen and Dick, at a moment when it seemed Dick might burn Jen with his cigarette as she attempted to swat the cigarette away, all of a sudden there was a shot of the Big Brother control room, with the words "Big Brother After Dark will be right back."

Apparently Jen tried to destroy Dick's cigarettes (which is not allowed in the game), and the producers replaced them. Jen claims that she had asked before entering the house whether she would be able to destory cigarettes (talk about foresight!), and the fact that the cigarettes were replaced incensed Jen to the point that she decided to eat real food, despite the fact that she is supposed to be on slop. Jen and Dick then proceed to scream at each other (it is still going on as I write this), with Dick saying some of the absolute nastiest things I have ever heard someone say to someone. I mean, really despicable things.

Now, don't get me wrong, this was not pleasant to watch, and for a moment it did seem as though Dick would burn Jen, as she was getting right up in his face. But if Showtime is going to advertise these hours as "totally uncensored," well, they should be uncensored. Yes, it seems like this was a moment when the producers had lost control of the house, but what's with cutting away? That doesn't sound uncensored to me.

On a separate but related note, what happens now that Jen has eaten? And will they show this incident on CBS?

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Anonymous said...

Evil Dick is a God!

Anonymous said...

They will, but the producers will slant it to make dick look great and jen a bitch. Way they do everything.

Anonymous said...

Dick has to be one the most demented creeps to be on BB. His verbal abuse in not any less damaging than if he where physically striking Jen or any one else he has been allowed to abuse.
This season has the most boring cowardly people, including Dick with his vocabulary of a person with an IQ of 50.
The casting director should be fired.
I hope some one starts a campaign to BOYCOTT CBS SPONSERS until Dick is kicked off.
Perhaps NOW or a Civil Rights attorney will step in. (I sure a person of that stature thinks big brother is from "1984" no idea our society has actually come to this).
Why does the FCC just sit by with there thumb up there ass.
I will never watch CBS again, they seem to have sunk to the level of Fox network.
Too bad it was a fun show.