Wednesday, August 08, 2007

SYTYCD Top 6 Part 2: Solo and Overall Rankings

Ok, I've ranked the partner performances, now it's on to the solos...

1. Danny
I hated his disco, but I gotta say -- his was my favorite solo of the season , hands down. It was gorgeous, soft vulnerable, perfectly in tune with the music. Loved it.

2. Lauren
Gotta give it up to the girl, she has pulled herself together since her first abysmal solo where she spent half her time walking onto the stage. This was fierce, and showed more actual emotion than she has all season.

3. Sabra
When she leaps this girl flies across the stage. I thought her solo tonight was lovely, but it didn't blow me away. When we can't see her face, and because she is so small, it's hard sometimes to read what kind of emotion she is bringing to the piece. Still, very well done.

4. Neil
He has certainly added a dimension to his solo performances that he didn't show off by just doing tricks earlier in the competition, but he just doesn't have the grace, or strength, of Danny, so he pales by comparison. Definitely not bad, just not spectacular.

5. Lacey
Somehow last season's Heidi managed to make solo performances work for her, but none of the female ballroom dancers have been able to manage the same feat this season. Unfortunately, Lacey fell flat again tonight -- if she doesn't step it up in her solos, she may miss out on a shot to win this thing.

6. Pasha
So Pasha has danced with Bette Midler, a B-girl, and now an actual mannequin? It screamed desperate, and was so distracting I couldn't watch his actual dancing. Bad move, Pasha.

Ok, now taking into account both couples performances and each individual's solo performance, here are my overall rankings:

1. Danny
Yes, he botched the disco, but he showed what he's really capable of in both Mia Michael's piece and his own solo. He is head and shoulders the best dancer in this competition-- the question is, does he have the personality, and the fanbase, to grab a victory?

2. Lauren
I'm as shocked as the next person that Lauren is so high on this list, especially because I've predicted she would be going home the last three weeks. But she brought her A game tonight in all three of her performances, possibly creating a challenge for a Lauren/Sabra finale. Could she pull of an upset and make it to the Top 4 based on the strength of her performances tonight?

3. Sabra
Sabra's star shines a little brighter each week, and while she may have plateaued a bit after several weeks of burning brighter than almost any other contestant, she still managed to stand out tonight. A Top 4 without Sabra would be a real shame.

4. Lacey
Last week she dazzled -- this week she fizzled a little. Not in her hip hop or waltz, where she was totally spot-on. Nope, it was her solo performance that disappointed tonight, and drops her below Sabra in the week's overall rankings. She could still end up winning the competition, but for the first time there's a real shot she might go home.

5. Pasha
Pasha's solo brought him down tonight, big time, but he stays out of the bottom spot thanks to the strength of his hip hop (loved it) and waltz (gorgeous). He's hands down the most versatile male ballroom dancer the show has ever had (eat your heart out Dimitri and Artem), and he could actually win this thing. But he's gonna have to figure out what to do when he's onstage by himself, because that mannequin ain't gonna cut it.

6. Neil
It kills me to see him here at the bottom, because he was really fantastic tonight in all three dances. And he's so freakin' cute!!!! But he's facing some stiff competition here, and unfortunately I don't think he quite cuts the mustard. The question is, will his ridiculously good looks propel him to the finals?

Check back tomorrow morning for my thoughts on who will be going home on Monday (!!) night.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not that much of a Danny fan...He's good at what he does, contemporary. But have you noticed how all the choreographer's get him to do at least a couple of turns in his routines - like what was that at the beginning of disco yesterday. He is technically superior on the show(I'll give him that much) but there is something about his attitude and personality that just makes me want to smack that smug smile off his face.

Pasha... he was out of his element. If he were a true dancer, he would not need a "dummy" to be on stage - he should have been able to performed for us to get the idea - without being so literal. And am I the only one who does NOT find him attractive - AT ALL. Everyone says he's hot... i think NOT!!!!

and Neil... he showed some major imporovement this week. I honestly feel he is a better performer than Danny. Technically, however, Danny does have a little bit more skill.

Lacey is getting by cause of her brother. Like, honestly, I don't need to see her butt right in the camera. That ain't winning you any points hunny! And why do so many think she did a great job on the hip hop routine - she danced only 15% of the time - Pasha did all the work!

Lauren - I give her props for taking all the criticism... but I think I will add to the list. She should not have been allowed in the top twenty. Aren't there supposed to be contracts with television programs (especially reality tv) about conflict of interest. The fact that she was an assistant choreographer last year should have banned her from the competition this year.

I really and honestly feel that Sabra should win. She is a phenomenal dancer. She can do everything she is given... and yes, she did Heidi's "donut" move (why the judges made out like it was the first time they ever saw it, I'll never know)... but she was amazing.

Speaking of the JUDGES... can I give them an "F" for their judging skills this year. I mean - the reason that they are there is to JUDGE - not compliment everyone without one single critique. I mean - I work on dance productions a a career and I saw so many things in each dance that could have been commented on. I belive I was watching the same dances as the judges were. I'm sorry but they need to wake up and be a bit more "Simon Cowel"ish.

Just my 2cents.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous-I agree with you. I'm in the same category where I do not find Pasha that attractive & I also that his solo was embaressing. I had to cover my eyes. It was just terrible. Heidi, from last season, was a much better soloist & she is a latin dancer as well.

Neil is getting better. It seemed that he connected most with Sabra than any other partner besides Sara in the disco. He surprised me in the Paso (which I didn't think was terrible) because honestly I didn't think he could pull it but after watching the dance he just impressed me.

Lauren hasn't really been given cherography that wowed us in this competition. Since was an assistant to Tyce last season, this season I thought she would be phemonmenal. She isn't. She just has one emotion, smiley. It's just one dementional for me.

I was a Lacey fan during week one of the competition only. I thought she did a wonderful job with that contemporary routine. Benji never got contemporary, so I thought Lacey wouldn't be able to pull it off. But she did. Otherwise, week after week Lacey, in my opinion, hasn't connected to her partner since to her it's all about "Me Me Me". I liked how Wade pointed out to her that she's very one dimentional. And yet she failed to improve on that critizism.

Danny & Sabra are my favorites in this competion. Sabra just dances with so much passion in emotion that I don't see from the other contestants. I get excited everytime she's on stage. Danny is the same way. Other than being incredibly attractive, Danny is by far in his own league when it comes to contemporary. I think that if Danny & Sabra are in the final four, they just have to do a contemporary dance. That will be the dance people will talk about forever. This will be far superior above all dances on the show. I'm just waiting for this to happen. Hopefully Danny & Sabra will be in the top 4 though.