Friday, August 24, 2007

Big Brother's Jen is Gone!

I started the season off hating her. Then I felt badly for her. Then I simultaneously felt badly for her and hated her.

Yes, Big Brother's Jen brought out some complex emotions in me. And now she is gone.

CBS tried their damndest to demonize the girl, while painting Dick in as positive a light as possible, in last night's show, painting her as a sore loser who had no integrity for the game she had signed up to play. It's not an entirely inaccurate characterization -- she did, after all, choose to go against the "slop rule" and eat real food, and for that she absolutely should have been punished.

But it also doesn't tell the whole story, because Dick truly is evil. Some of the things that have come out of his mouth are some of the nastiest, most vile things I have ever heard one human being say to another. How this impacted Jen's psychological state, and her ability to play the game, can not be underestimated.

Is Jen just a spoiled princess, or was she just pushed over the edge by Dick's heckling? I think both are probably true, and I believe her decision to go to the sequester house or not will tell us even more about her character. I have to admit, though, while her antics were at times entertaining, I can't say I'm sorry to see her go.

Bye Jen!

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Anonymous said...

My only hope for "Jen Revenge on Dick" for his wonderful daughter Daniele to get him nominated this week and get his sorry ass booted out of the game! Jessica knows that the two of them are after her and she must get rid of one...or next week we will see one of the Donato's win HOH (courtesy of CBS to say the least)and Jess and Eric will be up! Jess will likely go as she is a much stronger player to win things.

Anonymous said...

I hope she doesn't go to the sequester house. Evil Dick ruined her experience in the house, and she has to know that he is likely to be evicted before the final 2, meaning that he would then join her in the sequester house. In there, without cameras and security, I think his vile, vulgar, and dehumanizing remarks will be the least she'll have to worry about. There is a very real chance that he will become violent and she should fear for her safety. The producers of this show have ruined the game by allowing his antics to go unpunished and by scheming to keep Eric in the game. I'm no longer a fan.

I hope Jen has success in the future. She didn't deserve what she was subjected to on this season.

Anonymous said...

After reading the feeds and seeing the show it is obvious that BB made Jen out to be the instigator. Dick is a sick human being. Plain and simple. They have allowed this man to continue to do and say horrible things in the house. If any of this happened outside of the BB house he would have been locked up! Jen is a great player and it is a shame she had to leave. I didn't like her much in the begining but she kind of grew on me. BB likes Dick for the ratings and will make it so he remains in this game until the end. This is clearly NOT a reality show.

Ellie said...

Dick is the most disgusting human being i've ever seen on television. He treated Jen so nasty and mean I shatter to see how he treats women behind closed doors. He is clearly a abuser of women. Why CBS would let him remain after he threw ice tea on Jen is beyond me, I can't even bare to watch this shore anymore, I just read recaps on the internet. I hope when Jen comes out of sequester she will sue not only Dick of course for the tea (it is against california law to do that) and CBS as well for condoning violent behavior not only physically but mentally. Dick has tortured this women and he should be punished. This is not the kind of reality tv I want to watch anymore !

Anonymous said...

I was no Jen fan, but what CBS allowed Dick to do to her was reprehensible. And how they've rigged the game in Dick/Danielle's favor has really taken the fun out of it. It's getting harder to find a reason to bother watching.

Anonymous said...

Not only can I not believe BB didn't stop Dick early on from his potty mouth tirades against Jen, I am pretty much outraged that the other guests just sat around and said nothing - only Danielle had the guts to say "enough" to her father and that was for a selfish reason, not a moral one. No justifiable excuse for that kind of language and treatment can be made under any circumstances. Shame, shame on CBS for allowing this kind of behavior under the guise of entertainment. Count me out as a watcher.

Sue said...

The disparity betweeen the treatment that Big Brother gives Dick and that given to Jen has been ridiculous. After things got to be too much for her and she destroyed his cigarettes, Big Brother replaced them immediately. On the other hand, Jen was forced to do without her clothes for an extended period.

I found it interesting that the official reason for Jen's penalty was openly eating slop. Big Brother may have had trouble giving a permanent penalty for destroying cigarettes after all that Dick got away with and America's Player's vandalism task. I read earlier that Nick appeared to sneak Danielle food under the covers when she was on slop. Amber was getting an unnecessary vacation from slop at the exact time of Jen's violation.

I also wondered if Big Brother egged on the house by after the infraction. Eric was particularly nasty to Jen.

Changing the penalty after it was originally assessed to protect Jameka and Amber was an interesting development.

If I were in the house, I would find the environment to be toxic even if I weren't Jen. I would be cowering and cringing. I can't imagine how Jen put up with the abuse as long as she did.

The America's Player twist destroys Jessica's and Eric's game. Jessica's best move is to get rid of Danielle with Dick as a back up. Since America loves Dick and hates Amber, that is nearly impossible even if Dick and Danielle don't win veto. Either Donato has 2 almost automatic votes to stay. Although I think Jameka would vote to evict a Donato, Zach and Amber may not make their ideal choice.

By the way, a sequester house with only Jen, Dustin and a angry Dick would be no fun at all. There needs to be a buffer in there.

The difference between Jameka's and Danielle's birthday parties was also curious.

Anonymous said...

Daniele is WAY more of a spoiled little princess than Jen. The girl has the maturity level of a 12 year old.