Friday, August 17, 2007

Parting Shots of Beautiful Neil Haskell

He may not have won the top prize, but Neil Haskell certainly won the hearts of many, with his acrobatic tricks and beautiful smile. His performance in the Mia Michaels flower dance was one of the highlights of the season, while his Mandy Moore jazz dance, paso doble, and hip hop with Lauren will not soon be forgotten.

Oh yeah, and his body's okay, too.

That body!

Here are some pics that will ensure you don't forget SYTYCD's prettiest boy. (More can be found here)

Idol Thoughts loves ya, Neil!


Anonymous said... the best. i am a personal manager and would respresent niel and he would work non stop. he is so talented. you have it all looks talent plus your nice. keep it up. i hope to see you working. you have such a bright furture. your just great. i,m such a huge fan.there were so many talented people on the show but with me you were the only one that stands out. all the best buddy.

mearebored said...

he is so gorgeous! he was 1 of the main reasons i watched so you think you can dance (the other was dominic). his perfect looks made me watch it but his perfect smile [:)], perfect personality, and perfect dancing kept me watching! he was the only dancer-and 1 of the only people-that stood out to me. sabra was good but i still think neil should have won. thats just my opinion though. im still happy for sabra. i love you neil-you are the best!