Monday, August 20, 2007

Superbad Knocks It Out of the Park

Teen comedy Superbad knocked it out of the park this weekend, pulling in $31.2 million. Didja see it? I did!

Between this and Knocked Up, this is undoubtedly the summer of the R-rated comedy, and I couldn't be happier! (As a side note, I saw the movie the same day I watched High School Musical 2, and it was the perfect antidote to all the earnest goodness put forth in the admittedly adorable Disney confection). Yes, Superbad was a bit juvenile at times, but it was also hysterically funny, and even had genuine moments of sweetness between the two boys (I particularly enjoyed their drunken declarations of love for each other).

Jonah Hill proved the comic chops he showed off in Knocked Up were no fluke, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse took film dorkiness to a laugh-out-loud new level, but for me Arrested Development's Cera stole the show with his unwaveringly genius deadpan style. I love this kid!

I could have done with a little less of the bumbling cops (although Seth Rogen is always good for a laugh), but all in all, if you like a hearty laugh and some dirty jokes, I'd definitely recommend seeing this flick. Not since American Pie have high schoolers been this funny.

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