Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ten Best Dances on This Year's SYTYCD

With less than 8 hours until the first part of this season's So You Think You Can Dance finale, I thought it might be a good time to reflect on some of the magnificent dances we've seen so far this season. Of course an exercise like this is subjective -- anyone whose been reading Idol Thoughts this summer knows I have a special affinity for Mia Michaels, so it should be no surprise her creations are prominently featured in this list. I'd love to know what y'all would rank as your favorite dances from the season.

Here's mine...

1. Lacey and Kameron, Contemporary (Top 20)

2. Lacey and Neil, Contemporary (Top 8)

3. Jaimie and Hok, Jazz (Top 18)

4. Sabra and Neil, Jazz (Top 6)

5. Lacey and Danny, Samba (Top 10)

6. Anya and Danny, Viennese Waltz (Top 18)

7. Lauren and Danny, Contemporary (Top 6)

8. Sabra and Dominic, Rumba (Top 16)

9. Sara and Pasha, Jazz (Top 12)

10. Pasha and Bette Midler (Top 16)

Honorable Mentions:

Jessi and Pasha, Jazz (Top 18)
Anya and Danny, Jive (Top 20)
Lauren and Neil, Hip Hop (Top 18)
Sabra and Pasha, Quickstep (Top 8)
Sara and Jesus, Jazz (Top 20)
Sabra and Dominic, Contemporary (Top 18)
Lacey and Pasha, Smooth Waltz (Top 6)
Sabra and Neil, Paso Doble (Top 6)
Lacey and Pasha, Hip Hop (Top 6)
Sabra and Pasha, Broadway (Top 8)


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Elizabeth said...

Why isn't West Coast Swing up there? And seriously, Lacey & Neil's contemp..#2? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/Elizabeth, no way is Lacey & Neil's contemp #2 IMHO. However, for the most part you captured the best dances of the season, just not in the right order...LOL! It's hard to choose my very favorite of the season because there have been many, but it would be a tie between Hok & Jamie's Jazz (Wade) and Lacey & Kameron's contemporary (Mia). Sabra & Neil's Jazz is a VERY close 2nd though.

Lisa said...

Yes, you are a bit biased towards, Mia, huh?

I have much admiration for her myself, but I don't think her Lacey/Neil or Lauren/Danny numbers should be that high. In fact, only the first half of the Lauren/Danny number did anything for me at all.

Anonymous said...

Umm I am totally agreeing with elizabeth I would put West Coast Swing... i ntop 10!