Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dancing with the Stars Contestants Officially Announced

Here are the contestants who will be on this season of Dancing with the Stars:

Marie Osmond - Singer/Entertainer
Floyd Mayweather - Heavyweight Boxing Champion
Helio Castronetes - Race Car Driver
Jennie Garth - Actress
Mel B - Spice Girl
Cameron Mathison - Actor, “All My Children”
Albert Reed - Model
Jane Seymour - Actress
Sabrina Bryan - Actress, “Cheetah Girls”
Mark Cuban - Owner, Dallas Mavericks
Joise Maran - Model
Wayne Newton - Entertainer

I guess Tori Spelling was just a dream TMZ had.



nick said...

Here's hoping Wayne Newton is good enough to keep Cheryl Burke on tv where she belongs for the entire season

Anonymous said...

I love how Mel B's profession isn't "Singer" or "Entertainer", but "Spice Girl". lol