Sunday, October 19, 2008

BOLD PREDICTION: Zac Efron Will Receive a Golden Globe Award Nomination for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR

Every so often a ridiculous thought enters my head, and instead of publishing it for the world to read (and ridicule), I simply put it out of my mind.

Well -- that's coming to an end.

From now on, when I have those craaaaaaazy ideas, I'm going to put them here at Idol Thoughts under the category of BOLD PREDICTION. These will be things that will come true or not, so once my BOLD PREDICTION has been confirmed or been proven ridiculous, I'll be able to return to the post and either tout my brilliance or lacerate myself.

Sounds fun -- right?

As my first BOLD PREDICTION I'm going to say that Zac Efron, that iconic teen heartthrob, will grab a Golden Globe Award nomination for his performance in High School Musical: Senior Year. He's been getting great reviews so far (Variety said he was "most likely to suceed," and the Hollywood Reporter says he has charisma to spare), and, of course, the Golden Globes has the category of "Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy," so the blue-eyed cutie won't have to compete against big guns like Leonardo Dicaprio (Revolutionary Road), Sean Penn (Milk) and Philip Seymour Hoffman (Doubt). If he does snag a nod, however, he will likely go up against Brad Pitt in Burn After Reading, leading to a pretty boy battle of the ages.

Does this mean Zac could end up an Academy Award nominee? But if my first BOLD PREDICTION comes true, he will walk the red carpet for the Hollywood Foreign Press.

You heard it here first. Now feel free to riducule away...

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