Friday, October 10, 2008

Sarah Palin's Report Card and SAT Scores -- Ouch!

Take the image above with a grain of salt (and click to enlarge), but it claims to show Sarah Palin's high school report card and SAT scores. Let's just say she's not the best student in the world.

Here’s the breakdown of her SAT score: 425 verbal, 416 math. That's less than 900 combined! Ouch!

Palin’s high school grades read: English = B, Math = C, Foreign Language = D (!!), Biological Sciences = B, Physical Sciences = C and Social Studies = C. Yeah -- not so bright.

But hey, we all know intelligence doesn't preclude you from holding pubic office -- we've got George Bush in the White House, for god's sake!

What do you think -- is it real?


Jahna said...

Those were my SAT scores... IN 7TH GRADE.

Meredith said...

I pray that's a fake! Less than 900? OUCH.

Not that if it WERE fake, I'd actually vote for her ticket... but still.

Anonymous said...

let her come forth with the evidence

Hephaestion said...

I think it's real because I'd be shocked if she did any better than that. She IS DUMB. My only surprise is that she scored THAT well on the SAT.