Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lance Bass's DANCING WITH THE STARS PROBLEM: Lacey Is Sabotaging His Chances!

When it was first announced that So You Think You Can Dance finalist Lacey Schwimmer would be partnering Lance Bass on this season of Dancing with the Stars, I couldn't have been more excited. I loved Lacey on SYTYCD, and I've (embarrassingly) been an 'nsync fan since back in the day, so this partnership seemed like heaven to me.

But -- there's a problem. And the problem is not Lance, who has been charmingly low-key, and displayed considerable talent, since the show began.

No, the problem is Lacey -- namely, that she thinks she is the star.

In some ways I can't blame her -- she's a world-class swing dancing champion, and her final four appearance on SYTYCD gave her plenty of opportunities to hone her "look at me!" skills. That's always been her thing -- SYTYCD fans will remember that when she danced with Kameron, he totally faded into the background, while she hogged the spotlight.

The trouble is that she hasn't been able to switch gears, and highlight her partner instead of herself. All of her choreography seems only minimally focused on showcasing Lance, and primarily focused on showcasing Lacey. That's not the way the show works.

Watch, for example, Julianne Hough and Cheryl Burke, two very talented dancers who simultaneously manage to look great themselves, while also putting their partners front and center. This is a skill that Lacey has yet to acquire.

You might think being scolded by the judges in front of 20 million people might be enough to humble her, but throughout the rest of last night's performance show she aped and mugged (particularly when Cloris Leachman was being interviewed by the unbearable Samantha Harris). Someone has got to get it through to Lacey -- this show is not about her!

If she doesn't get the message, she could find herself booted very soon. And that would be a damn shame.


Anonymous said...

i love lacy but she is bringing lance down

W.C.S. dancer, too said...

She wasn't "apeing and mugging" - she was crying! - and trying to maintain her composure.

Bandana Jack said...

oh seriously now, if she was crying she did a helluva job hiding it.

i'm not entirely sure her problem is STARitis, although it might be, but she just isn't that great a ballroom dancer OR a good choreographer. remember, on sytycd, she was always choreographed by others.

regarding the premise, totally agreed, and i have said so repeatedly in other blogs.