Friday, October 10, 2008

Zac Efron To Replace Daniel Radcliffe in EQUUS?

Click here for NEW PHOTOS of Zac shirtless on the set of his new film -- no underwear?

Apparently Zac Efron is thinking about getting naked -- on Broadway!

At the premiere of High School Musical 3 in London he told the Sun that he was potentially interested in the part. The exact quote: "You know that Daniel Radcliffe role on Broadway, well it's been mentioned.”

Think he's got the chops? One thing is for sure -- if Zac got nude, the girls (and boys!) would certainly show up! It would certainly be an interesting career move -- it's sure helped Daniel Radcliffe shed his Harry Potter image!

Speaking of Daniel, I saw him in the role of Alan Strang last week, and he was AMAZING! I was totally impressed -- not just with his body, but with his acting. The boy has definitely got a future!

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