Friday, January 18, 2008

IDOL MADNESS: Friday Report

Spread the word to vote for your faves!

Remember, voting for all Round of 32 matches ends Thursday January 31, 11:59PM EST, so there's plenty of time to still vote!

Here are updates (as of 1/25 at 3:30PM EST) of the Round of 32 match-ups in all divisions. Click on any match-up to vote!

Cowell Bracket
#1 Kelly Clarkson vs. #9 Chris Richardson
Clarkson has her hands full with Richardson, but currently leads 67%-33%.

#2 Ruben Studdard vs. #10 Kellie Pickler
Pickler is trying to pull of her second straight upset; she leads Studdard 66%-34%.

#3 Tamyra Gray vs. #6 Jasmine Trias
Jasmine's fans have come on strong, propelling her to a 75%-25% lead over Tamyra. Where are Tamyra's fans??

#4 Jennifer Hudson vs. #5 Bo Bice
Today's featured match is a nail-biter, with Bice currently leading Oscar winner Hudson 55%-45%.

Seacrest Bracket
#1 Taylor Hicks vs. #9 Constantine Maroulis
Constantine's fans have certainly mobilized, but where is the Soul Patrol? Constantine is currently ahead 75%-25%.

#2 Clay Aiken vs. #7 RJ Helton
Perhaps the Claymates are too busy going to see their boy in Spamalot, because he's struggling with RJ, holding a slim lead of 52%-48%. Could an upset be brewing?

#3 Melinda Doolittle vs. #6 Vonzell Solomon
In this battle of the divas, Melinda is currently on top, 64%-36%.

#5 LaKisha Jones vs. #13 Bucky Covington
Bucky pulled off Round 1's biggest upset by sending Diana Degarmo packing; with a 72%-28% lead, will he do the same to LaKisha?

Abdul Bracket
#1 Fantasia vs. #9 Ace Young
Fantasia fans, where are you? Your girl is currently losing to Ace Young, 69%-31%!

#2 Jordin Sparks vs. #7 Anthony Fedorov
Last year's champ is ahead of Anthony Fedorov, but just by a bit; Jordin currently leads 58%-42%.

#3 Elliott Yamin vs. #6 Nikki McKibbin
In this battle of the third place finishers, Elliott is way out on top, 81%-19%.

#4 Kimberley Locke vs. #5 Blake Lewis
In Round 2's closest match, Kim and Blake are in a dead heat, with Kimberley enjoying an oh-so-slight lead of 50.2%-49.8%.

Jackson Bracket
#1 Carrie Underwood vs. #9 Mandisa Hundley
Carrie continues to roll, enjoying an 80%-20% lead over Mandisa.

#2 Chris Daughtry vs. # 7 Josh Gracin
Daughtry is having a surprisingly difficult time with Gracin -- right now he's only up 55%-45%.

#3 Latoya London vs. #11 Anwar Robinson
Anwar knocked off Paris Bennett in the first round, but as of now he's having trouble getting the best of Latoya. The Season 3 fourth place finisher is currently ahead 62%-37%.

#4 Katharine McPhee vs. #12 Gina Glocksen
After barely squeezing out a win over Jon Peter Lewis in the first round, Kat has her hands full with Gina -- she's barely leading 53%-47%.

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