Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ricky Cries, Jillian Whines and Victorya is Eliminated on Project Runway

What a strange season of Project Runway this has been! Who would have thought that with only six designers left, Sweet P and Ricky would still be in the mix, and Victorya, Kevin and Kit would be gone?

Not only are Sweet P and Ricky still around -- they produced two of the best designs of the week! Of course, it wouldn't be a Runway episode if Ricky didn't cry and Sweet P didn't completely overhaul her design at the last moment, but somehow both misfits managed to perform during the "Denim Challenge," with the weepy lingerie designer actually taking home the win. Could one (or both) of these two make it to fashion week?

One designer who won't be going to fashion week is Victorya, who went out with a whimper this week. What was that abomination of a jacket? It really did look like a jean jacket with a skirt sewed on, and showed about zero inspiration or originality. For someone who calls herself "competitive" you'd think she would have put a bit more effort into the outfit. Good riddance, Victorya -- I can't say I'll miss you.

One designer I would miss if he was eliminated is Christian -- I love him! I mean, even his throwaway lines are comic gems! I'm sure his constant bitchiness is totally annoying to his fellow designers, but I just can't get enough. Granted, I only have to spend 45 minutes with him a week, but still...

Aside from his humor, based on the strength of his designs I fully expect to see Christian in the Top 3. Joining him, I'd imagine, will be Jillian and Ramy. It was nice to see Ramy do something other than drape this week, and I quite liked the dress he produced. Jillian, on the other hand, fell apart a bit in trying to do another jacket. Girl, you know you have time management issues, how about choosing something you can execute to perfection?

And I need to get this off my chest -- I am so sick of hearing her whine and cry, there was a (small) part of me that actually wanted to see her get the boot this week. Ultimately I'm glad she's still around, because she clearly knows what she's doing design-wise, but I just can't handle the "poor me" routine anymore. Get yourself together!

What do you think -- was Victorya the right one to go? And do you agree with me that Christian, Jillian and Ramy are looking like the most likely candidates for the Final 3?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I wasshocked that Victorya waseliminated because I thought her and Sweet P would make it to Fashion week, but i'll still watch Jillian, Rami, Ricky, and Sweet P anyway to see which of those guys wins the whole thing.

TheQuietOne said...

I still think Chris is going to make it to Fashion Week - which is why the other NY designers don't hang out with him, cause they're ticked off he got to come back and then makes it to FW.