Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wayne Newton Sent Packin' on Dancing with the Stars

He may be "Mr. Las Vegas," but he's no "Mr. Dancing with the Stars."

Yes, Wayne Newton was eliminated on last night's Dancing with the Stars, taking his partner, two-time champ Cheryl Burke, with him. It wasn't a huge surprise -- Newton's been hugging the bottom of the leader board for the past several weeks. In fact, it may be the early ouster of Burke, however, that has more of an effect -- I know my pal Nick, who is Cheryl's number one fan, must be devastated!

Last night's show was actually the first Results show of the season I have been able to catch, and while there was the usual filler (two songs from Seal!?!), there was actually some fun and educational montages (the music piece was particularly interesting), as well as a not-bad performance from Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus. I thought it was especially cute that Karina, Billy Ray's partner from last year, was chosen to dance to the duet, and that she and Miley shared a hug following the performance.

So, Wayne is gone, and Mark Cuban has a little bet of life left in him. Who wants to bet that he's paying people to vote for him? Hey, if Mike Bloomberg can buy himself the position of New York mayor, Cuban should have no problem financing a trip to the finals on Dancing with the Stars. Right?

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1 comment:

nick said...

A moment of silence for a fallen national treasure. We will miss you, Madame Burke.