Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol Finale Performances: Round 2

Ok, so Blake grabbed Round 1, but just by a hair. On to Round 2...

Blake Lewis - "She Will Be Loved"
When I first heard that Blake had chosen this song, I rolled my eyes. "Another Maroon 5 song?" I asked myself.

Well, consider my eyes un-rolled. I now think this was the ideal song for Blake to have chosen. Perfectly evoking his very first semifinal performance, where he also rocked a cute sweater and purely sang Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know," he reminded the part of the viewing public that finds beatboxing as pleasant as nails on chalkboard that he can really sing. Sure, he can't hit dazzling high notes like Jordin can, but his tone is sweet and his interpretive skills are impressive. And he looks natural and credible.

I disagree with Simon -- it's made an impact on me. Very nice, Blake, very nice, indeed.

Jordin Sparks - "Broken Wing"
Is Jordin's favorite song of the season really "Broken Wing," or did she sing her favorite song last week? Just wondering.

Frankly, it doesn't much matter, because this performance was amazing! I mean, Jordin's higher register is just thrilling -- those high notes are so crystal clear they send a shiver up my spine. She has a tendency to get a little dramatic, but with vocals that spectacular, I'm more than willing to look past it. Brilliant.

Round 2 Goes To...
Both contestants were in fine form in this round, but since it was a round purely about singing, the clear edge goes to Jordin.

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