Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blake vs. Jordin: Performance by Performance

So, now that Melinda is gone, who should win this thing?

Since I haven't yet decided who will get my vote on Tuesday night, I thought it might be interesting to go week by week, comparing Blake and Jordin's performances to each other in a head-to-head competition. Considering most people seem to think Jordin is going to easily walk away with the title, some of you may find the results below a little surprising.

Who will come out on top?

Semifinals #1
Blake's "Somewhere Only We Know" vs. Jordin's "Gimme One Reason to Stay Here"
Winner: Blake

Semifinals #2
Blake's "Virtual Insanity" vs. Jordin's "Reflection"
Winner: Blake

Semifinals #3
Blake's "All Mixed Up" vs. Jordin's "Heartbreaker"
Winner: Jordin

Top 12 - Diana Ross Week
Blake's "You Keep Me Hangin' On" vs. Jordin's "If We Hold on Together"
Winner: Jordin

Top 11 - British Invasion
Blake's "Time of the Season" vs. Jordin's "I Who Have Nothing"
Winner: Jordin (this one was hard!)

Top 10 - Gwen Stefani
Blake's "Love Song" vs. Jordin's "Hey Baby"
Winner: Blake

Top 9 - Tony Bennet
Blake's "Mac the Knife" vs. Jordin's "On a Clear Day"
Winner: Jordin

Top 8 - Latin music
Blake's "I Need to Know" vs. Jordin's "Rhythym is Gonna Get You"
Winner: Blake

Top 7 - Country music
Blake's "When the Stars Go Blue" vs. Jordin's "Broken Wing"
Winner: Jordin

Top 6 - Inspirational Music
Blake's "Imagine" vs. Jordin's "You'll Never Walk Alone"
Winner: Jordin

Top 5 - Bon Jovi music
Blake's "You Give Love a Bad Name" vs. Jordin's "Livin' on a Prayer"
Winner: Blake

Top 4 - Bee Gees music
Blake's "Keep on Dancin'" vs. Jordin's "To Love Somebody"
Winner: Jordin

Blake's "This is Where I Came In" vs. Jordin's "Woman in Love"
Winner: Jordin

Top 3 - Judges/Producers/Personal Choice
Blake's "Roxanne" vs. Jordin's "Wishin' on a Star"
Winner: Jordin

Blake's "This Love" vs. Jordin's "She Works Hard For the Money"
Winner: Blake

Blake's "When I Get You Alone" vs. Jordin's "I Who Have Nothing"
Winner: Blake (simply by virtue of the fact that he sang a new song)

So, the total is...

9 wins for Jordin, and 7 wins for Blake. Pretty close, eh?

What do you all think? Would you have scored any of these match-ups differently? And do you think Blake has a shot at taking Jordin down?

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Kim said...

I agree with this for the most part, except Blake won on with Roxanne and This is Where I Came In....and by a lot, lol.

Great site, btw!

friendly said...

I would have given Semifinals Week #3, Tony Bennett Week, and British Invasion Week to Blake.

I would have given the third performance on Top 3 week to Jordin.

So that's 7-9 for me...

Steph said...

I would have given Time of the season win for Blake, that was an AWESOME rendition, had to download it for 99 cents :-) Great blog by the way, love reading everyday!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely have given The British Invasion week to Blake. That was one of the most memorable performances of the season. I also would have given Blake Tony Bennett week.

Robin - Erithacus rubecula said...

Lets hope they get rid of that hopeless Cat Deeley next Idol. Maybe they should get Fearne Cotten instead. Cat is so banal in her comments and the way she interacts with people...unless of course, they are men and then her body language changes and she is creepy.

Lisa said...

I definitely agree with those handing Tony Bennett week to Blake. Jordin was cute and her vocals were very good that week, but Blake was just COOL. He really got that old school swingin' hipster thing down perfectly, and it was a perfect choice for his sort of coppery jazz voice. The live performance was great fun, and the studio MP3 is BRILLIANT.

Anonymous said...

I guess I agree for the most part, though I would give the first Semi-finals performance to Jordin (I was blown away by that!) and the last top 3 performance to Jordin (such an amazing vocal and performance!). I think Jordin has the edge going into this week, let's hope she pulls out a win!!

Nancy - miami fl said...

my pick has been JORDIN since
the auditions way way back

erin skittles said...

i really think that blake is an amazing singer, and performer, but im not sure if hes going to win. i want him to, but i think jordin might have this one because of her voice. shes not a good performer at all, she screams when shes trying to sing sometimes, but you do have to remember: shes 17 years old, she'll grow out of it. blake will have a great music career regardless of the outcome of american idol, because he is a very talented and just all around good person, and good things happen to good people =]