Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dancing with the Stars Finale: Round 2

So, the first round was a tie. Now it's time for the eagerly awaited free-style round...

Laila and Max
When I think of the freestyle round on Dancing with the Stars, I think of the excitement over Kelly Monaco's final dance in Season 1 or Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke's tour de force in Season 2. While it was clear Laila was having a good time, and she does have some good "fly girl" moves, this dance just didn't blow me away. In fact, I prefer Laila doing straight-up ballroom, if you can believe it. I'm a little disappointed.

Not disappointed in Max's physique, though, I must say.

My Grade: 9

Apolo and Julianne
Now that is the kind of excitement that I am talking about! Fun, exuberant, humorous, playful -- this was the most joyful dance of the season, hands down. Sure, Apolo won't be grabbin' a spot on Justin Timberlake's tour anytime soon (it's funny how the celebrities are sharper doing the ballroom and Latin dances than they are during freestyle), but he was having such an infectiously good time it was impossible not to smile while watching it. And some of those lifts and tricks were pretty darn good!

My Grade: 10

Joey and Kym
Wow. Joey has had years of experience performing in front of screaming audiences, and he put all that experience to use tonight, performing an energetic, entertaining dance that showed, as Carrie Ann said, everything that Joey has learned throughout the course of the competition. And those lifts! Easily the most techinically difficult of all three dances.

My Grade: 10

I'd have to call Round 2 a tie between Apolo and Joey, with a bit of an edge to Apolo for sheer originality.

Well, in my post yesterday Who Should Win Dancing with the Stars? Who Will Win? I said that my vote would go to Apolo but I thought Laila would pull out a victory.

I take it back.

Not the part about Apolo -- he still has my vote, because, all else being equal (and I really do find he and Joey to be equally entertaining) I find it more impressive that Apolo, who is an athlete, can do what he can do, as compared to Joey, who spent years traveling the world performing live. Maybe it is an unfair bias against Joey (although one of those times he performed live was for me -- yes, I was at an 'nysnc concert), but there it is. Plus, I want Apolo to be my boyfriend. Sue me.

No, the part I take back is Laila winning this thing. She had a real shot, but I think she dropped the ball tonight. I now think it will be a battle between the two boys for the trophy, and Apolo will end up taking it home.

There it is -- my fearless prediction -- Apolo will win Dancing with the Stars. Feel free to heckle me if am wrong.

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Steph said...

I think you are right, just by the fact that Joey has seen the bottom 2 and Apolo hasn't.. We shall see!