Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Elliott Yamin, Maroon 5 Appearing on Tomorrow's American Idol

Elliott Yamin, who last year at this time was getting ready to compete in the Top 3 of American Idol, will return to the Idol stage to perform his single "Wait For You." The song is currently flying up the pop charts. For those who have not seen Elliott since he was on the show last season, his new-and-improved appearance should be quite a shock!

Also appearing on tomorrow's show is Maroon 5, who have a CD coming out later this month.

There has also been a rumor that Leona Lewis, the winner of the UK's X Factor competition (also judged by Simon Cowell) will be performing on the show as well. Stay tuned for more news...

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Ging said...

Love Elliott...I will really watch an AI show because Elliott is going to be on. E will save this horrible season !

Anonymous said...

Stop whining that this is a horrible season. its not worse than last season at least (with Taylor Hick as the idol, duh... hello...). We have Sanjaya, bad vocal as he is, he was entertaining. then Blake, and the talented Melinda/Jordin, whose vocals are much much better than last year winner. So i don't know why people keep saying this season is bad. Its not all that bad after all.